Omni DualSaw: Uh…what?

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Really–I wanted to buy this thing immediately because Billy Mays was on the homepage.  I mean–what item do you have that Billy Mays sold that isn’t awesome?  That’s right–nothing.  MIGHTY PUTTY FOR LIFE.  Why Billy is no longer with us is something I rue daily.  $150+ bucks is kind of a lot to pay for something that isn’t manufactured by one of the “Big” ones–but I’m just intrigued enough to think about it.

“Millions of dollars and 8 years to develop” sounds like a great deal–and same with the fact that reportedly Firefighters use it to save people…but I’m kind of suspect.  Their videos look great, and like it could cut the diamond off your exes hand, but if that’s the case:  Why don’t we all have one?  3 out of 5 stars on Amazon is not exactly a glowing review record.

I hate sales copy like:  “Lubrication sticks are effortlessly placed…”.  If that’s the case, does it do it itself then?  No…I still have to put it in there?  Then that’s not effortless. The idea behind the DualSaw is that it has two blades that rotate in opposite directions.  It’s like the Barry Bonds of circular saws.  Which is awesome.  (Enhancing one’s performance outside of baseball is awesome).  My sneaking suspicion is that on their videos–they are cutting well lubricated things with brand new blades.    Be that as it may:  if it does what it advertises it would be a sweet tool.

I don’t buy that it will replace every cutting tool I have in my armory–but, I can see the benefit.  It would not be as accurate as say…a table saw, but the benefits of being able to cut anything (aside from masonry) with one blade is pretty intriguing.  Am I intrigued enough to drop $150-$200 bucks on it?  Not yet…but would Billy steer me wrong?

How bout you Fixaters?  Does anyone have the Omni DualSaw?  How is it?  Do I need one? If you’re willing to take the plunge, you can find the Omni 080901N DualSaw for about $150 on Amazon.

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2 thoughts on “Omni DualSaw: Uh…what?”

  1. I can see that being a hugely useful tool for a carpenter or general contractor, or for a variety of tasks around the house and yard… but not so much for fine woodworking… although it COULD be handy for crosscuts to rough length, instead of hauling out my 20-year old circ saw (no room in my shop for a mitre saw)

  2. Craftsman has had one of these for a few years now ( In fact looking at the pictures it & the Omni may very well be the exact same thing with different branding.
    Never used one, but color me dubious. It might be a good companion to a Sawzall for doing demo work, but I can’t see doing anything that requires an accurate cut. Tools that do many things, never do any of them as well as a task specific tool. Plus I’d hate to see the cut quality in wood after you get done cutting up some iron pipe.


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