Work It (But Don’t Be Dumb) With The Youngstown Cut-Resistant Kevlar-Lined Work Gloves

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Youngstown_Kevlar_GlovesThere’s a lot of trial and error in the land of home renovations, improvement and all-around handyman-ness. Because of that, it’s important to be as safe as possible – nobody wants those errors to result in a bodily injury that could affect your ability to give someone the finger. If you don’t already have a good pair of gloves, allow us to recommend the Youngstown Cut-Resistant Kevlar-Lined (Kevlar!) Work Gloves.

It needs to be said in big capital shouty letters – these gloves are cut-resistant, NOT CUT PROOF. Don’t test this by purposely putting your hand on the moving blade of the Milwaukee Sawzall or into a Blendtec (“Will It Blend?” Yes, yes it will) or, for frak’s sake, shooting yourself in the hand. Don’t do it.

Kevlar lining is not Mithril, got it?

These gloves, however, are great to use on tasks that might otherwise scrape your hands up – like dealing with a particularly thorny bush or sharp-leaved sugarcane crop on your property, installing insulation, sweeping up glass or any project with a high splinter potential. In addition to the powers of Kevlar, these Youngstown work gloves also feature internal knuckle protection, nonslip reinforcement, a terry cloth brow wipe and are machine washable.

Reviews have been quite positive for these, so at $29.99 from Northern Tool, we’d say the Youngstown Kevlar-Lined Work Gloves — Cut-Resistant, Large are worth it. Just don’t get too cocky, y’hear?

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