D-Line Decorative Cable Cover for the Finishing Touch

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One relatively minor thing that can make a nice room look  disheveled is exposed cables and cords (well, that, and a hungover friend sleeping over on the couch. Ruins the picture every time.). Unfortunately, cable, phone and electric outlets aren’t always situated where we’d like them to be. This often means that a snake of cables from the wall outlet to your electronics is necessary. People can deal with it in a number of ways; just let them sit there, ready to be tripped on; staple them to your baseboard (which, if you’re not careful enough, can cause damage to the cord that can actually be quite dangerous); or use little sticker hooks to keep them in a spot on the floor or wall (I am, of course, referring to cables and cords – not your hungover friend on the couch).

Of those options, the latter are better – but you’re still stuck with an exposed cord. The same is true for people who have wall-mounted flatscreen TVs – that ‘cord dangle’ sure knows how to distract from a clean, sleek look. If those finishing touches are what you fixate on, we think you’ll like the D-Line Decorative Cable Cover.

The D-Line Decorative Cable Cover is a clever invention that allows you to install cords, wires and cables along walls and edges in a casing that matches or compliments your decor.  It comes in a range of sizes, thicknesses, finishing styles colors and materials (as well as several corner options). You basically select what you need, customize it (by cutting it to size with a miter box, staining it or painting it), remove the sticker backing and apply it in place. You then set your cord in it and clip the cover closed.

Take a look for yourself:

There’s an additional video on YouTube by D-Line that explains the product further, but I warn you: They’re British and unlike every show in America where someone with the faintest of accents is featured, the video does not come with subtitles.

D-Line is relatively new on the scene and mainly just has distributors in Europe. However, some of them will ship overseas (and, hey, if you’re the entrepreneurial type, it may be worthwhile to see if you could become a North American distributor of D-Line. Certainly a market for it!).  Prices range from £12.85 to £25.35 a pack (use xe.com to figure out today’s conversion), but price breaks are available if you’re buying more than five at a time.

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