dsolv Compostable Lawn Bags – Coming Soon!

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We have another sneak peek of a product not yet available to the market, but thanks to a visit to the National Hardware Show, we’re able to let you in on it. The show had a number of inventive things to make landscaping easier for owners and more green for the environment – and the dsolv Compostable Lawn Bag was one such item.

It’s not available until Fall 2010 (and not in stores until Spring 2011), but since we know HomeFixated readers want to keep ahead of those goofy “mainstream” homeowners, we’re giving you the scoop now.

Here’s how it works:  You have a compostable (made of a plant-based polymer) mesh bag. Whatever, right? No – not whatever – there’s more! Then you have this tube thing (they refer to it as a sleeve). It folds down when you don’t want to use it, but when you want to use it – like now – you fold it up and it stands sturdy. So, you stick this sleeve inside the mesh bag. Now your mesh bag is sturdy – making it easier for you to deposit leaves, grass and yard debris into it.  Once it’s full, you slip the structured tube out, tie your mesh bag closed and haul it off. There’s even a funny little handle that you slip onto the mesh bag’s knot to make carrying easier and more comfortable. Then ol’ meshy heads off to the compost pile or landfill where it will all eventually make love to some worms, turn into life-nurturing soil and have you to thank for its evolution.

Since I know you all like sunny days, parks in the fall and feel-good acoustic jams as much as I do, here’s the video for you to enjoy:

Why use dsolv Compostable Lawn Bags instead of a degradable paper bag? Four good reasons:

  1. It holds more than your typical lawn bag
  2. It stands up better than one, lowering the likelihood of you getting the rage over a spilled bag of work
  3. It won’t disintegrate if it gets wet or tear up should you get a few twigs or sticks in it.
  4. A portion of dsolv’s profits go towards the development and maintenance of park lands

Interested? You can pre-order a dsolv Compostable Lawn Bag Starter Kit from their site directly (but don’t expect to receive it until fall 2010). Within the kit is the sleeve (or tube or funnel or whatever you want to call it), eight mesh bags, the carrying handle and a carrying case for everything for $19.99. A box of eight mesh refill bags is $5.99. Hate online shopping? dsolv hopes to roll these out to stores – but not until Spring 2011.

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2 thoughts on “dsolv Compostable Lawn Bags – Coming Soon!”

  1. Dsolv bags are now on sale! They can be purchased directly through our website. Also they are being test marketed in central Ohio and are available at many area lawn and garden supply retailers.

  2. These bags look great! I’ll be watching for them. I have a compost tumbler and a compost bin and these would work great for carrying material to the bin.


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