DeWALT 20V MAX 4-Tool Combo Kit With Tough System

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What's This?This post is sponsored by The Home Depot. Well, it’s that time of year again! It’s that magical season when I stop complaining about how hot it is and start complaining about how cold it is (yay!). This predictable shift in my annual whining pattern happens to coincide with another fun seasonal tradition: gift giving. If you’d like to bring cheer to that “tool person” on your shopping list (or spoil yourself), you can grab an awesome deal on this 20V MAX DeWALT 4-tool combo kit w/ Tough System. We received one to check out and there’s a lot to like about it! We think your giftee will agree; even if it is a little late. Or miserably cold outside.

Golden Goodness – A Pack Of 4 And More

DeWALT family photo

I’ve gone on enough in the past about how much I prefer cordless over corded, and how far battery powered tools have come over the years. So let’s focus instead on some of the things that make these particular tools worth looking at. When you buy DeWALT’s 20V MAX DCKTS450M2 4-tool combo kit with Tough System, you’re actually getting a heck of a lot for your money. The kit includes:

* DCS570 7-1/4” brushless circular saw

* DCD796 brushless compact 1/2” drill / driver / hammer drill

* DCF885 1/4” impact driver

* DCG412 angle grinder

* DCB115 12V / 20V MAX quick charger

* (2x) DCB204 20V MAX XR 4.0 Ah lithium ion battery packs

* DS450 Tough System tool storage box with wheels and extendable handle

DeWALT DCS570 – A Golden Circular Saw

DeWALT DCS570 cordless circular saw
Many readers will recognize this saw as being very similar to the Flexvolt version.

The DCS570 is a full sized 7-1/4”, brushless circular saw. And there’s plenty to love about it.

Quick specs:

* Blade speed: 5,500 RPM (no load) ; 5,200 (loaded)
* Weight: 7.9 lbs. (bare tool). Almost 9.5 lbs. with included 4Ah battery.
* Max. depth of cut: 2-9/16” (at 90°) ; 2” (at 45°)
* Electric brake.
* 5/8” arbor
* Bevel range: 0° – 57°
* Platform: 20V MAX

DeWALT 7-1/4" 24-tooth blade
The saw comes with a 24-tooth thin kerf blade.
The saw has an ambidextrous trigger lock for easy operation with either hand.
Cutting with the DeWALT DCS570
The grip and handle are pretty much spot on with respect to size, shape and angle. Personally, I’d prefer a left-mounted blade. But I’m used to being a lefty in a right-handers’ world, using right-bladed circular saws.

Adjusting Quite Nicely

Depth of cut adjustment lever
This is the depth of cut adjustment lever and it works like a dream.

I’ve used a lot of older circular saws that were a pain in the hindquarters to set up for cuts. One of my favorite things about the DeWALT DCS570 is how refreshingly easy the adjustments are to operate and how firmly they lock in place. There’s no fiddling, fussing or tools required.

Bevel adjustment
Bevel cuts are easy to set up. There are positive stops at 0° and 57° and detents at both 22.5° and 45°.

I found the DeWALT DCS570 to perform nearly as well as any corded circular saw I’ve used. In most cases I could tell no difference at all (other than not having to constantly wrangle a cord away from my cut line). And it seems a bit quieter than all of my corded ones. It cut beautifully when ripping sheet goods and crosscutting 2x lumber. I never had to baby it or go any slower than I would with a corded saw.

Easy to read markings
Like the protractor, the aluminum sole plate is bright, with easy to read markings.

DeWALT DCS570 20-Volt MAX Circular Saw – Featuring Features

Electric blade brake
The electric brake completely halts the blade in about 0.5 seconds. Compared to old school circular saws, this is a huge bonus.
Hanging hook
Many were dismayed that the earlier version of this saw lacked a rafter hook. Here you go, folks. DeWALT heard you.

I did stall the blade once, but that was user error. The wood shifted a bit, binding the blade. That’s OK, I prefer the stall over a rogue saw climbing out of the cut and siccing after my fleshy people parts.

Snag resistant blade guard
The blade guard’s uniquely shaped leading edge greatly reduces the instances of workpiece snagging.
LED cut line light
The better to light my way!
Blade wrench storage
Onboard tool storage. Once inserted, the blade wrench is held in place by a detent.

DCD796 Compact 1/2” Drill / Driver / Hammer Drill

DeWALT DCD796 drill/driver, a compact yellow monster.

Quick specs

* Compact brushless motor
* Max power: 460 Units Watts Out (UWO)
* 1/2” all metal ratcheting chuck
* Speed: 0-550 (low gear) ; 0-2,000 (high gear)
* Blows Per Minute (BPM): 0-34,000 (hammer mode)
* 14-setting adjustable clutch
* Use up to 2” hole saw (in wood)
* Included belt hook
* Reversible drive, with trigger lock
* Weight: 2 lbs., 11oz (bare tool) ; Just over 4 lbs. (w/ included battery)
* Platform: 20V MAX

The little powerhouse
It’s amazing how much power today’s compact tools are packing. This motor and gear train is mightier than it might appear.

Like so many drills these days, the DCD796 also functions as a variable torque fastener driver and hammer drill. And it does all three very, very well.

Driving Me Crazy – Crazy Like A Fox

Torque adjustment collar
14-setting variable torque clutch collar. Drive your screws as deep as you need to without running them completely through, snapping heads or stripping threads.

The DeWALT DCD796 isn’t the kind of driver that picks you up in a limo. Rather, it’s the kind of driver that – with plenty of power, two gear ranges, an adjustable torque clutch and 1/2” shank capacity – gets the job done. Perhaps we should be chauffeuring it around.

Gear shifter
The gear selector switch clicks firmly in place and takes a lot more effort to operate than I expected. First gear delivers high torque at lower speeds (0 – 550 RPM). Second gear gets you up to 2,000 RPM, but with lower torque.
Getting it done
It’s not always about how hard it can work. Sometimes it’s just about tackling whatever job needs to be done right now. But make no mistake; this tool is no slacker.

Hammer It Home With The 20V MAX DeWALT DCD796

Swiss concrete cheese
In hammer mode, I blasted a bunch of 3/8” and 5/8” holes through this 3-1/2” concrete block, with very little effort.

The recommended largest masonry bit – according to the manual – is 1/4”, which is fine for concrete screw pilot holes. But I’m going to be honest; most of the time I need to bore into concrete, it’s 1/2” holes or larger for things like sleeve anchors.

DCD796 hammer drill
Twist the torque adjustment collar to the hammer symbol and you’re ready to drill hard material, such as concrete, stone, mortar and bricks.

By no means am I suggesting you exceed the manufacturer’s recommendations, but I knew the driver was capable of running masonry bits larger than 1/4”. So I gave it a shot. Boring 5/8” holes (the largest I tried) completely through 3-1/2” thick concrete block was absolutely no problem for the DeWALT. And I have no doubt it could handle even larger. Just thought you’d like to know.

What’s Up, Chuck?

Ratcheting keyless chuck
The all metal ratcheting chuck accepts shanks from 1/16” to 1/2”.

I was never much of a brand snob. I buy and use what I like. But DeWALT will always have the distinction of being my first introduction to the keyless chuck. It was the 90’s; a friend brought by his brand new 12V DeWALT drill/driver for me to use on some speaker boxes and customer service counters I was building. The power was impressive, but I was especially enthralled by the keyless chuck. How was such a thing even possible?

Of course, there’s been worlds of improvement since then. This new DeWALT would blow that old one out of the water from every possible direction. Fast forward to now: we have ratcheting keyless chucks. I’ve seen and used them before, so the novelty is gone. But I’m sure glad to have one on this driver. They seem to grip tighter with less effort.

3 Light Modes – DeWALT 20V MAX 1/2” Drill / Driver / Hammer Drill

Bright LEDs
You’ll have no trouble seeing what you’re doing.

There are three different illumination modes to choose between. Low and medium each stay on for 20 seconds after the trigger is released. The brightest setting (spotlight mode) keeps the LED on for a full 20 minutes, long enough and bright enough to do what you need to do in most cases. It can easily serve as a flashlight or small area lamp.

Brightness selector
Spotlight mode makes the light useful even when you’re not using the tool.

DeWALT DCG412 Angle Grinder – Corded Power Without The Cord

DCG412 cordless angle grinder
The auxiliary handle can be attached to either side of the tool.

If you have an axe to grind, DeWALT’s DCG412 is ready to settle your grievance. OK, fine, an angle grinder isn’t necessarily the most precise blade sharpening tool, but it does work. But those of you who work with metal, stone, tile, masonry or other hard materials will find plenty of uses for the tool.

Quick Specs

* Speed: 8,000 RPM (unloaded)
* Spindle thread: 5/8” – 11
* Disc size: 4-1/2” and 5”
* Uses: Grinding, sanding, tuckpointing, sharpening, wire wheel, cutting of hard materials.
* Included 5” x 1/4” x 7/8” metal grinding disc.
* Included type 27 guard
* Weight: Almost 4 lbs. (bare tool) ; a little over 5.5 lbs. (with included battery, handle and grinding wheel).
* Platform: 20V MAX

The Daily Grind

Ol' Sparky
This rebar is hard enough to have almost instantly ruined one of my expensive carbide-toothed, steel-cutting miter saw blades (which cuts “normal grade” rebar with no problem).

Angle grinders are usually pretty basic, no frills tools. And this 20V MAX grinder is no exception. But it’s powerful and works as well as any corded angle grinder I’ve used. I used the included grinding disc to shave down some rebar and shape a piece of rectangular steel tubing. The grinder never hesitated one bit, even when I beared down.

Large trigger
Wide one or two finger trigger.

Like all of the tools in this combo kit, the handle is shaped and positioned about as ergonomically as it could be.

DCG412 trigger lock
Easy to reach trigger lock (in unlocked position).

DeWALT 20V MAX Angle Grinder – A Real Gear Head

Gear head
If you really want to, you can change the orientation of the gear case.

If you don’t like the orientation of the gear case, you can pull the four screws and rotate the head in 90° increments. Just – the manual warns – don’t pull the gear case away from the motor housing.

Spindle lock button
Spindle lock button
Spindle wrench
I only wish there were on-board tool storage so I can’t lay the wrench down somewhere and lose it.

On Guard!

Guard adjustment
Adjusting the guard is a simple as pulling this lever and rotating it where you need it.

A variety of wheels can be used with the grinder, including: surface grinding wheels, 4” wire wheels, 3” wire cup brushes, sanding discs, flaps and flanges, abrasive cutting wheels and diamond cutting wheels. And most standard 4-1/2” and 5” wheels should work.

However, if you want to use cutting wheels (type 1/type 41), DeWALT recommends you purchase their “type 1 guard” (sold separately), which has shielding on the bottom as well.

DeWALT 20V MAX DCF885 Makes Quite An Impact

Small but mighty
Another compact tool with big-sized vigor.

Drilling holes and driving screws is all well and good. But when you need raw, unabashed torque, it’s time to grab the impact driver. This tool is the equivalent of hitting the end of a wrench with a mallet to get that extra, momentary spike of torque. Only this baby can do it up to 3,200 times per minute!

Quick specs:

* Drive size: 1/4” quick release hex
* Speed: 0-2,800 RPM (unloaded)
* Impacts Per Minute: 0-3,200 IPM
* Max torque: 1,400 in-lbs.
* Reversible direction w/ trigger lock
* Included belt hook
* Weight: 2 lbs. (bare tool) ; about 3-1/4 lbs. (with included battery)
* Platform: 20V MAX

Unlike the circular saw and drill/driver/hammer drill (both of which have brushless motors), the angle grinder and impact driver have traditional brushed motors. They may yield a little less battery run time, but they certainly aren’t hurting for power.

It Tightens And Loosens – Really Well

DCF885 DeWALT cordless impact driver
Direction selector with trigger lock.

This is a tool that does one thing: it rotates left or right. But it does it really, really well. It’s over-molded with rubber for grip and protection. It fits great in the hand. And it can deliver enough torque to bury a screw right into a piece of wood. In some cases, all the way through. Good thing it has a variable speed trigger!

LED illumination
The trio of LEDs stay lit for 20 seconds after releasing the trigger.
DCF885 locking bit holder
Inserting a bit is as simple as pushing it into the holder. To remove a locking bit, pull the collar and it comes right out.
The power to drive 20V MAX
The DeWALT DCF885 cordless impact driver has no problem sinking these 3-1/2” deck screws, even with no pilot hole. And it barely torques your wrist at all.

2 Batteries And A Charger – You’ve Got The Power Of 20V MAX

Two 4-Ah Li-Ion battery packs
The power to keep you working all day, if you’re into that sort of thing.

The DeWALT 4-tool combo kit with Tough System includes two DCB204 (20V MAX XR 4.0 Ah) lithium ion battery packs and one DCB115 battery charger. The charger is compatible with all DeWALT 12V and 20V MAX lithium-ion battery packs.

The DCB115 quick charger runs a little warm, but charges a dead 20V 4.0Ah battery in an hour or less.
Built-in charge indicator
Built-in charge indicator.

DeWALT Tough System DS450 Mobile Tool Box

DeWALT Tough System
The included DS450 tool box offers 17 gallons of storage capacity.

Stackable mobile tool cases are all the rage these days. And with good reason: they’re incredibly useful and convenient. DeWALT’s Tough System is quite versatile, with lots of available components. Included in this 4-tool combo kit is the DS450, a 17 gallon, heavy duty structural foam tool box with built-in wheels and collapsible handle. It’s essentially a tool box with its own hand truck. It rolls exceptionally well and is easy to move up and down stairs and across rough terrain.

Stackable Tough System
The DS450 is compatible with the rest of the available DeWALT Tough System cases. Just stack them on top and secure them together using the yellow latches.
Large positive latches
The rust resistant metal latches close with a positive snap. They aren’t popping open until you want them to. You can also secure the lid with up to two padlocks.
Water resistant seal
A rubber water resistant seal keeps rain and humidity outside, where it belongs.

DeWALT Tough System DS450 – So Easy To Handle

Adjustable handle
The handle adjusts from 24” to 40” with just a little twist of the yellow paddle.

Having dealt with so many tools and accessories with handles that are just a tad too short, this one makes me very happy. It extends to 40”, meaning that an average height (or taller) adult can use it comfortably, without back strain. I don’t know why more companies don’t give you that little extra length. And at approx. 17”, the handle is plenty wide too.

The handle levers back, making clearance as you open the lid.

I’m a bit disappointed, however, that there are no internal dividers or padding whatsoever. I get that it’s a customizable system meant to accommodate many possible configurations and tools. But given that this is combo kit, it would have been appreciated if DeWALT had given us the means to keep the included tools from banging around inside.

Break time!
It’s not intended to be used as a chair, but the tool box had no problem supporting my 202 pound coffee break.

If you have tool bags, you’re fine. But there are none here. May I suggest outfitting your box with Fastcap’s Kaizen Foam? The stuff is awesome (many people use it for their tools; I use it for my camera equipment and swear by it).

Boxes Of Bits – Drive Bit Set (Does Not Come With The DeWALT Tool Kit)

Milwaukee impact bit set
Along with the 4-tool combo kit, The Home Depot also sent this Milwaukee 142 pc. Shockwave impact duty bit set by Milwaukee.

If you want bits that are going to stand up to the beating delivered by your impact driver, look no farther. These are the ones I used in my testing. They’re made of a custom steel alloy to maximize tip life “up to 30x” and have an “optimized shock zone” to absorb peak torque and prevent breaking.

Boxes of bits
I haven’t tested all of their claims, but these sure are some nice bits. They include Phillips, slotted, square, torx, hex (metric and fractional), titanium coated drill bits, and 1/4” and 5/16” magnetic hex drivers. All are lightly magnetized.
Storage cases
Small, easy to carry storage cases.

You can get the 4-Tool Combo Kit w/ Tough System now for a special low price:

Buy Now - via The Home Depot

Get the Milwaukee Shockwave 142 pc. impact duty driver bit set for just under $30:

Buy Now - via The Home Depot

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2 thoughts on “DeWALT 20V MAX 4-Tool Combo Kit With Tough System”

  1. Hope you do an expanded review of the Milwaukee bit set. I’ve used Irwin and many others and have never been completely satisfied with performance and/or lifespan, so it would be interesting to hear your impressions after more use.

    • John, after discussing your suggestion amongst ourselves, we feel that there’s not really enough to say about the bits to justify a stand-alone review. But there are some things I can add here: For one, most of the bits are shorter than you might be used to. I wish the short bits were a little longer.

      A few times during this review, I accidentally allowed one of the Phillips bits to slip out of a couple of the deck screws I was driving (it took a LOT of torque because I didn’t drill pilot holes). The screw heads took damage but the bit was just fine.

      Finally, the holders were really stiff and hard to stand up at first. And the shorter bits can be hard to pull out at first. But working them for a while loosened everything up. You can also remove the holders to rearrange and customize the cases as you see fit. And since there are a lot of duplicate bits (especially of the common bits) you can customize the four cases to have the bits you need, where you need them, and still have the commons in every kit.

      Overall, I still recommend the bit set. They seem like they’re going to hold up for a very long time. And with the four separate cases, it’s like getting four separate bit sets, one for each tool box for workbench.


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