Tool News Nirvana – DeWalt’s 12-20V MAX Charger/Radio, Bosch Half-Sheet Orbital Sander, General Tools Crown Molding Jig & Klein Tools Tradesman Pro Tool Bags

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homefixated-tool-news-nirvanaEarlier in the week, we published what some of our more discerning readers may have realized was an April Fools edition of Tool News Nirvana. We thought we’d follow that up with an actual TNN. So, here we go again with another chock-full-of-tools edition of Tool News Nirvana. This episode features a three-ring circus of tools that would be perfect for any contractor, cabinet shop or even a basic home woodworking shop – as well as big “circus tent” sized tool bags to store them all away in. While we may lack the smelly clowns, conniving carnie rats and cheesy midway games, this TNN’s “circus of tools” is sure to make you the tool “ringmaster” of any building project – without the funky circus smell of elephant poop and stale popcorn. So step right up folks and see the bearded lady we affectionately call Tool News Nirvana.

DeWalt 12V MAX/20V MAX Charger/Radio

Turn your Job Site into a Jam Site

Here comes another potentially great product from the black and yellow wonder, DeWalt. The DeWalt DCR015 12V MAX/20V MAX Charger/Radio is more than just a place to get your daily fix of jobsite jams. When plugged into the power grid, it doubles as a battery charger for both the 12V and 20 V MAX rechargeable batteries. When you’re working off the grid, you can run the radio on a 12V or 20V MAX battery pack. With shock absorbers on the 360 degree roll cage, you can bet that it’s going to be tough enough for any jobsite or workshop. It even has a small compartment to safely store (and charge) your MP3 player or other USB powered device in case some jobsite clown decides to fall onto the radio. If you’re more yellow than blue, this radio might appeal to you more than the ultra-compact Bosch Job Site radio we recently reviewed.

Priced at $179 with a 3-year warranty, this cool tool is a must for any DeWalt tool lover. Visit their Facebook page for a chance to enter in DeWalt’s Ultimate Playlist Radio Contest and you might win yourself your own personalized version of this rockin’ DeWalt tool.

Bosch OS50VC Half-Sheet Orbital Sander

Wood Doesn’t Stand a Chance

When you need to make your next woodworking project as smooth as a sideshow strong man’s bald head, then look no further than the new Bosch OS50VC Half-Sheet Orbital Sander. The powerful 3.4 amp motor makes finish removal, stripping and sanding much easier than winning a stuffed animal at the ring toss. With eight foam heavy-duty blocks to control vibration, it’s easy to see why it has the best-in-class vibration control. Throw in the high performance SheetlocTM Supremepaper clamping system and you’ve got a sanding machine that’s sure to make any wood project as smooth as a circus seal’s bottom. This sanding show-off is available at Bosch dealers everywhere for $379 list and comes with an optional storage box for easy transport from job to job. Want more details and a lower price? You can find the Bosch OS50VC 3.4-Amp Variable Speed 1/2-Sheet Orbital Finishing Sander with Vibration Control, for right around $330 on Amazon.

General Tools E-Z Pro Crown King Crown Molding Jig

Get Jiggy with It

Nothing will make you blow your big top like crown molding gone bad. With all of the odd angles and precision cuts that are required to make a seamless finish, it’s easily enough to make you do backflips like a trapeze artist.  Simply pull the King Crown jig right out of the box and get to cutting. Cut inside and outside corner joints at a 45 degree angle with ease. Attach the insert and cut 38-52 degree angles on all of your crown molding materials. Avoid complicated compound miters, coping joints and back cuts with this right-side up crown molding jig from General Tools. Take a look at the General Tools website right here and order your Crown King today.

Klein Tools Tradesman Pro Organizers

Paper or Plastic? Klein Please

Electricians and plumbers often use tool caddies to transport hand tools to and from the work vehicle to the worksite. While most cloth bags are great for taking care of the softer tools, sharp items like hacksaws will tear through a tool bag like a lion claws through a beginner lion tamer. That’s where the new Tradesman Pro line comes into action. The Tradesman Pro Organizer Hacksaw Electrician Bag has a protective plastic lining that prevents wear and tear from these tough to carry tools.

If sharp tools aren’t as much of a concern as the heavy tools are, take a look at the Tradesman Pro Organizer Rolling Tool Bag. She’s load tested at 200 lbs. and swallows more metal tools than a circus sideshow sword swallower. Take a look at the entire line of Tradesman Pro Organizers at the Klein Tool website.

Time to put down that stale popcorn and start tool shopping!

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