Tool News Nirvana – DeWalt Portable Vacuum, Flip-out Screwdriver, Arrow Fasteners TacMate, The Perfect Bungee, Irwin’s Impact Bits, and the Bosch PB180 Radio

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Summer is upon us, and so is another Tool News Nirvana! We’re here to cure the summer time heat wave with this cool breeze of cool new tools from DeWalt, Irwin, Arrow, Bosch, and a special treat, the Flipout Tantrum, which is a unique and versatile tool that has an even more unique backstory. We even have a tip on beefing up your bungee cord game. So crank up your AC, bust out a tall, cold glass of your favorite beverage and sit back while this TNN blasts you with some cool tools for this hot summer.

DeWalt Portable Cordless 18V/20V MAX Wet/Dry Vac’s

Now you can suck wherever you go!
Now you can suck wherever you go!

Are you looking for something to suck all of the hot air right out of the room? Well you might want to look elsewhere for that (an air conditioner; your mother in law perhaps?) But if you’re looking for a good vacuum to suck all of the junk, wet or dry, out of a room, well then DeWalt has two cool new portable cordless wet/dry vac’s that are perfect for the jobsite or around the house.

But it’s not just that the DeWalt DCV580 & DCV581H suck so good, they also do it anywhere you can go, power cord or not. These DeWalt vacuums use the Multi-Port interface that allows 18V stem pack lithium ion or NiCad batteries, a 20V MAX battery pack, or if you want to go retro, then you can just plug that sucker in!

Models retail anywhere from $99 to $129. The DCV581H will be available this fall, while the DeWalt DCV580 20/18 Volt Dry Vacuum is available now via Amazon or your fav DeWalt dealer.

Flipout Tantrum Screwdriver

Contortionist extraordinaire
Contortionist extraordinaire

Are you looking to do some revolutionary screwing this summer? No we don’t mean whatever you did last week to celebrate the 4th of July, we mean revolutionary screwdriving techniques. This screwdriver will bend and screw in 168 different configurations. That’s more more flexibility than a side-show contortionist!

We mentioned the Flipout Tantrum handheld screwdriver way back in 2010 and since then, it’s still been trying to take off. We thought it had promise back then, and we still think it does now too, although a lot more compact cordless options are on the market now. While it’s still not available in stores (maybe with your help it can be), you can get yours today by visiting the Kickstarter website. If you’re not hip to KickStarter, it’s a site designed to help up and coming inventors raise capital so they can bring their products to market. Check it out in action here:

For a pledge of $130 or more, you can invest in this one-of-a-kind articulating screwdriver and you’ll get a Tantrum screwdriver, carrying case, two batteries, charger and a nifty LED light attachment for working in dark places. Make your pledge fast because this summer deal is going to expire very soon.

Arrow Fastener’s TacMate Stapler

You don't have to be tacky to like the TacMate
You don’t have to be tacky to like the TacMate

Looking for a compact yet powerful handheld stapler that has an ergonomic grip, with all of the power of a professional stapler? Aren’t we all? That’s why Arrow Fasteners has developed the T50X TacMate stapler.

Although its small size might fool you; it still shoots the standard T50 staples that you need for insulation, upholstery, minor surgery (don’t try that last one please) — you name it, it can staple it. But don’t take our word for it. Head on over to the Arrow Fastener website and take a look at this ice cold stapler for yourself.

Irwin Impact Performance Series Bits and Drivers

Make a big impact with your impact tools
Make a big impact with your impact tools

Impact tools rule the driver and nutsetter’s world. High torque, hard hitting impact drivers are known for two things — they can screw any screw into just about anything and they sure can trash a bit in no time fast. So the good folks over at Irwin tools decided to do something about stripped bit troubles and developed the Irwin Performance Series Bits and Drivers. They also sent us a few samples to check out.

These tough bits, lobular nutsetters, bit holders and socket adapters are made from heavy-duty, cold forged steel and are finished with a black oxide coating to provide maximum durability — so even when you’re really rogering that torque driver home, these bits are engineered to last through the toughest of reamings. The bits, drivers and accessories can be found anywhere Irwin Tools are sold and range from $.99 for a single bit to over $39.99 for an entire set. Visit Irwin tools online for more details on these cool accessories.

The Perfect Bungee Cord?

Just Ducky Perfect Bungee
At the National Hardware Show earlier this year we stumbled across a line of bungee cords that looked like an improvement over the dollar store variety that are all too common. Just Ducky Products sent us a couple samples of their Adjust-A-Strap bungees, which feature nylon hooks that won’t scratch your shiny new work truck, and several reinforced holes that enable you to create solid loops with the straps. According to Just Ducky Products:

Our Perfect Bungees are made of a special polyurethane formula (no rubber or latex) that’s built to last. They won’t crack, break, split, become brittle or scuff, and can withstand exposure to salt water, oil, ozone and a laundry-list of other, common household chemicals. The super-strong, flexible polyurethane material allows for a safe stretch up to twice its original length and has excellent memory retention. They won’t wear out or lose shape and are designed to be used in an endless variety of applications. The Perfect Bungee™ is proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. and guaranteed for life against manufacturer defects when used as directed.

They feel strong and their stretch isn’t for lightweights, they have some real power stored up. You can find a variety of Just Ducky / The Perfect Bungee products in more colors than a Home Depot paint aisle, on Amazon, starting at around $4.

Win a Bosch PB180 Job Site Radio via!

bosch pb180 Radio
Rock-out with pint-sized portability and 18v of speaker-thumpin’ juice

It’s hot, it’s new, it’s loud! No, it’s not a dreaded boy-band or the latest rocket-fueled monster truck. It’s the new Bosch PB180 portable (and very cordless) job site radio. If you’ve ever dreamed of crisp music filling your work area, dream no more! Simply subscribe to the very handy HomeFixated weekly email newsletter, or post a scintillating (or just useful) comment on any HomeFixated article. Check out the details on our Free Stuff giveaway page. Stay frosty until the next TNN!

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  1. Wow! Look who’s putting in some OT on the articles! My friend and I just did a long remodel, and we quickly found out that the most important “tool” we needed was music, to replace the dead silence of the workspace. Turns out that good conversation becomes pretty hard over the din. You need a “soundtrack” and not much more. Yikes!

  2. Can’t wait to get my hands on the new Dewalt portable vacuum. I’m loving their new cordless line so this will be a great addition.


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