Flip-Out Screwdrivers- Revolutionizing Screwing

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I am pretty in love with my 6-in-1 screwdriver.  It’s handy.  Two sizes of standard, two sizes of Phillips, and I can use two different sized drill bits of any type I need.  It’s one of those tools that had I thought of–I’d have my Cristal dispenser already installed on my lawnmower.  Once again–someone has beaten me to the punch with another great idea:  The Flipout screwdriver.

There really isn’t a reason to not have a good electric screwdriver in a tool drawer any more.  Having to get my drill out of the case for something like hanging a picture, doing light dental work, or a multitude of everyday projects/maintenance isn’t really convenient.  It’s much easier to have a nice, light, and versatile electric screw driver.

I’m not about to give up my 6-in-1 yet…but sometimes I’m a bit more stubborn than I ought to be.  The Flipout articulates in different angles, and will allow you to get into places that wouldn’t suit a regular screwdriver.  It’s also battery operated, therefore allowing you to use your free hand to hold onto a nice, frosty beverage.  (By the way, that is my idea, not Flipout’s).

The hexagonal set up of the chuck on the Flipout will accommodate most drivers, and bits.  I also like the looks of the trigger mechanism.  It’s not a trigger, but more of a handle that you would depress to set the driver in motion.  Because of your ability to change bits and drivers fairly easily–the Flipout is in effect a mini-drill.  Granted, the chuck will not tighten on a drill bit–but there are a few drivers available that would accept a bit if needed.

For tougher screws–the articulating head of the Flipout would allow you to put more horizontal pressure on it–avoiding having to deal with screw extraction issues we previously discussed.

The Flipout is also small enough to fit into a set of bags, making it pretty portable for if you want to run around the house…and screw things.

You can find more details on the as-yet-unreleased Flipout Tantrum here.

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2 thoughts on “Flip-Out Screwdrivers- Revolutionizing Screwing”

  1. This looks like a GREAT tool for a lady. My (late) husband got me started using an electric screwdriver, Makita. But Makitas are BIG, bulky, and heavy. This Flipout screwdriver looks SO much easier to use, and at varied angles. I know what my Christmas gift to myself is this year!!!!


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