Tips For A Trick-Free Halloween Home

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Halloween, one of the most fun times of the year for young and old, is nearly upon us! We wanted to give you ghosts and ghouls some tips on how you can make sexy kitty costumes sure the pathway leading up to your home is well-lit and safe for those young trick-or-treaters. Let’s face it, no one wants to be ‘tricked’ with a lawsuit if a kid gets hurt on your property. Boo indeed.

1. Make sure that your pathway is clear and there are no obstacles that could cause trouble for the costumed kiddies. Have a cracked or broken step? Fix it. No, really, fix it. Now.

2. Keep the pathway and porch lit. You can do this by simply turning on lights (like your porch light or path torches) or you can do something more festive. Consider lining the path or a section of your porch with homemade lanterns, like these cool ones shown on This Old House. They’re made with your drill – not a lot of time and creativity required – but a nice effect! Instead of using candles in the jack-0-lanterns, consider using safe Batter Operated LED Lights.

3. Choose or better, yet, make highly visible, safe decorations. Decorations are great because they let trick or treaters know that you’re in the Halloween spirit and that they’re welcome to come to your door. Hang decorations inside, like this Black Widow that can be seen through your window or use these sweet Skeleton Yard Flamingos lawn ornaments. Be smart about electronic decorations – some aren’t built for wet weather.

4. Bring the dog in and secure it so it doesn’t go running to the door every time the bell rings. Even if you swear up and down that your pup is the opposite of a hell hound and wouldn’t hurt a fly, it’s not worth the risk. Let ol’ Rex hang out in the basement for a few hours until the action is over.

5. Load up on candy such as YummyEarth Organic Lollipops. Unless you want paranoid parents on your doorstep accusing you of trying to poison their children, avoid giving out apples and baked goods. Unless you want your house egged, avoid giving out toothbrushes and black licorice. Trust.

Have any more Halloween tips for homeowners? Let us know!

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