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In the home improvement world, it’s often necessary to do more with less. To improve things you already have, vs. starting from scratch and building something new. A good example is upgrading your home’s thermostat to an IoT-connected (Internet of Things), “smart” one. The core function is still the same – to cycle your home’s HVAC system on and off. However, your new thermostat comes with new functionality and options that can significantly increase your home’s efficiency. DeWalt, as a leader in the home improvement space, certainly understands this mindset. Case in point: the new line of 20V MAX* DeWalt Flexvolt Advantage™ tools. These build on existing DeWalt tool frames by incorporating some neat technology that significantly increases power levels in some instances. More on the technology and tools in this installment of Tool News Nirvana.

Flexvolt Advantage™ Brings the Power

FLEXVOLT ADVANTAGE: Power when you need it.

I WAS CONTEMPLATING WRITING THIS ENTIRE POST IN CAPITAL LETTERS TO BETTER MATCH DEWALT’S MARKETING LANGUAGE. However, that’d feel like I’m yelling at you, the reader, which just didn’t feel right. Anyway, the DeWalt 20V MAX* with FLEXVOLT ADVANTAGE™ (their caps-lock, not mine) tools launched recently. The line consists of 4 new products: a 7-¼” circular saw, a hammer drill, a reciprocating saw, and a 4-½ – 5” angle grinder. Before we get into the tools, though, let’s talk tech.

What Is Flexvolt Advantage™?

The four new tools, basically, are smart. Smarter than some apprentices even. The tools recognize which battery (DEWALT 20V MAX* or Flexvolt®) is attached, then adjust the power output accordingly. For example, when used with a Flexvolt® 6.0Ah battery, the new DCS573B circular saw can output up to 77% more power. The other 3 new tools have similar boosts in power output when used with a Flexvolt® battery. The main benefit of Flexvolt Advantage™ is that it allows maximum power to be extracted from any DeWalt battery on the job site.

DCS573 Brushless Circular Saw with Flexvolt Advantage™

DCS573 Brushless Circular Saw: Cutting to the heart of the power delivery issue.

The DCS573B is the new 7-¼” cordless circular saw in the line. It features a maximum depth of cut of 2-9/16” at 90°, with a no-load motor speed of 5,500 rpm. I use the older, purely 20V MAX* saw, the DCS570B, quite often on my jobs. It’s a great saw, but I can certainly feel it start to bog down when making cuts in pressure-treated lumber. The new saw with Flexvolt Advantage tech, though, wouldn’t have this issue. When making numerous full-depth cuts in pressure-treated 4x4s, you’d simply be able to swap in a Flexvolt® battery for 77% more power. Pretty neat!

DCD999 Brushless Hammer Drill

DCD999 Brushless Hammer Drill: Would make for a great “Edward Drilly-Hands” costume next halloween.

The DCD999 is DEWALT’s flagship hammer drill/driver. With a Flexvolt® 6.0Ah battery, it can provide up to 42% more power than if used with a 20V MAX* battery. The other specs are substantially similar to their older flagships: ½” chuck, LED work light, 3-speed transmission, side handle, etc….you know the drill. (See what I just did there?) If you’re into drilling and lots of power (who isn’t?!), you might want to check out our review of the DeWalt Flexvolt stud and joist right angle drill we did a while back.

DCS386 Brushless Reciprocating Saw

DCS386 Brushless Reciprocating Saw: Definitely not your father’s recip.

Ah, the workhorse of the jobsite – the reciprocating saw. DeWalt’s new DCS386 gets the Flexvolt Advantage™ treatment as well. It can output up to 50% more power when used with a Flexvolt® battery. Besides the ability to harness more power when necessary, it features a 1-1/8” stroke length, keyless blade changes, LED work light, and a variable-speed trigger.

DCG416 Brushless 4-1/2-In.-5-In.Grinder

DCG416 Brushless 4-1/2-In.-5-In.Grinder: For a grind of a workweek.

With a Flexvolt® battery, this grinder can deliver up to 50% more power. Like other recent grinders from DeWalt, this one features a kickback brake and E-Clutch® System for user protection.

DeWalt Flexvolt Advantage – In Closing

These new tools bridge the gap between 20V MAX* and FLEXVOLT® levels of performance. If you’ve got a hodgepodge of different batteries laying around, these tools let you choose between lower weight or significantly higher performance. Kind of like the thermostat example from earlier, these new tools still perform the same applications as their predecessors. However, with the added technical wizardry of Flexvolt Advantage, they can bring more efficiency and power to your workflow. They’re available now.

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