DEWALT Magnetic Tough Case Review & Giveaway

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What’s a DEWALT Tough Case you ask? Think of it as a gravity defying box to hold your favorite loose drill bits, drivers, and little metal accessories that inevitably get lost in the bottom of your tool box or fall down behind your workbench. At this point, I’m sure you’re intrigued, and probably wondering, “But how does it defy gravity?” The answer is simple: DEWALT newly patented an ultra-high-tech super-conducting material capable of levitating small boxes.

Ok, so the box doesn’t exactly levitate. But it does have two nifty features for getting itself out of your tool belt or off your workbench and accessibly near an area you’re working on. The Tough Case features both mechanical and magnetic attachment methods. The former is a set of molded hooks that let you attach the box to any thin surface with a horizontal lip. I found mine fit on the spreader bars of my stepladder, the lip of a tool box, and the edge of a shelf bracket. The latter attachment system, (magnetic), is where the Tough Case really shines. Two high strength magnets allow you to quickly attach the Tough Case to any ferrous metal.

I tried the DEWALT Tough Case out on a bunch of metal. . . . the refrigerator door (it even holds snacks!), a toolbox, and most importantly, my shop’s metal pegboard. The result was an impressively strong grip, yet still easy to remove with a little pivot of the Tough Case. Rubber bumpers help prevent any undesirable slippage. If you’re attaching to any decently magnetic metal, I frankly find it hard to imagine filling it with little parts that are so heavy it causes the case to fall. With it attached to my metal pegboard, I put a metal mini sledge hammer on the opened tray, and the ToughCase hung in there just fine. Your drill bits won’t likely be going anywhere!

So what’s the downside? It may actually be by design (to prevent accidental spillage), but you can’t actually open the ToughCase when it’s attached to a wall-like vertical surface magnetically. If you’re attached to a vertical surface where the ToughCase’s top is above the metal surface, then you can still open it since there is enough room for the latch to open up. Not a huge deal though. If you are attaching it to a vertical surface like a metal pegboard, just open the box before you attach it (and remove the box before you try and close it again). Easy-peasy.

DEWALT ToughCase is offered with both a 15 piece fastening set (via Lowes) and a 20 piece Impact Ready drilling/driving set. MSRP for the case alone is $12.97, for the 15 piece fastening set (via Lowes) $19.97, and for the driver set $34.97. Dewalt sent us one of their ToughCases for our review and DEWALT will be giving away five more Tough Cases to some of our lucky readers at the end of May/ start of June as part of our Free Stuff Monthly Giveaway. These are just the case only versions shown and do not include the accessories available in the fastener/driver versions. Check our our Free Stuff page for all the details on how to get one free!

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3 thoughts on “DEWALT Magnetic Tough Case Review & Giveaway”

  1. As a door hardware installer, this is very useful tool. Yes I said tool instead of storage box. When working on hollow metal doors I just put it in front of me and have screws and various bits at arms reach. Saves the knees and back. $20 seems a bit pricey but I bought another one to give away for Christmas. Don’t expect the bits to be high quality. I had 2 of them snap off the tip while installing a door sweep with self tapping #8 screws.

  2. I would love to win something to give my husband for Fathers Day this year. In 2008 he was laid off and we lost our home and our cars. My husband and I decided the best thing for our family was for him to go back to school and train for a different career. He is a full time student and is doing so well in school and unfortunately because of me being the only one working we dont have any extra money to do anything for Fathers Day. He is a wonderful husband , father and man and he goes out of his way to try and help others as much as he can and I would love to be able to show him how much we appreciate him and how proud of him we are this Fathers Day.


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