Duluth Trading Longtail T Review, Preventing Unsightly Crack Exposure

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Before I dive into our review of the Duluth Trading Longtail T, let’s discuss crack. For those of you that haven’t thought about crack as much as I have, let’s discuss the two basic categories and examples of each: good & bad. The crack you smoke with a small glass pipe = bad crack. The crack you pretend not to notice as as nubile salesperson bends over to grab some extra items on a lower shelf when shopping with your significant other = good crack. The crack you wish you hadn’t noticed when you walk by your unusually hairy plumber when he’s hunched down under your sink = very bad crack.

I’d like to think that the third example of very bad crack is what Duluth Trading is on a bold mission to eradicate with their Longtail T’s. Duluth cleverly added three more inches of shirt body length, solving an age old problem: Plumber’s Crack. The Longtail T has no scratchy neck tag, nice heavy-duty cotton construction, and of course that extra-essential three inches of length.

Longtail T’s are roomy, so don’t expect to wow passers-by with your flexing muscles outlined by your form-fitting shirt. There’s plenty of room to move around with these. Duluth’s Longtail T’s are available with or without a front chest pocket, in both men’s and women’s sizes. However, on a perverse and personal note, I don’t really want to encourage too many women to buy this shirt. See “nubile salesperson” example above for my reasoning.

Duluth sent us a stash of these which we shamelessly printed up with HomeFixated logos. We are also giving away a free Longtail T with the world-infamous HomeFixated logos, to one lucky FREE Stuff winner each month for the April, May & June giveaways! I’ll even autograph the back lower 3 inches upon request (beware, this may actually lower their value).

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