Diablo D1244X Duo Deal – Two Big Red Blades For Just A Little Green

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diablo d1244x

What's This?This post is sponsored by The Home Depot. Tired of having the smoke detectors go off every time you fire up your table or miter saw? Do your cut edges look like a scorched splinter army, ready to attack your dainty digits? Making cuts with a dull blade takes more time and energy, and leaves you with a raggedy-looking finished product. If you’re tired of choking on the smoke from your dull blade burning its way through another chunk of lumber, here’s a chance to get decked out in Red – and save a little green. A single Diablo D1244X 12” 44-tooth general purpose blade sells for $35, but right now you can get a two pack, aka the Diablo D124444VP, for $55.

diablo d1244x
Twin Diablo D1244X blades, ready for smoke-free cutting!

Suitable for use on both miter saws and table saws, the Diablo D1244X produces a noticeably better cut edge than what you’d get from a 32-tooth blade. Its super-thin .098” kerf and 44 teeth help the Diablo D1244X make a really smooth, clean cut. To help reduce the gumming and corrosion that cause blade drag, Diablo coats the blades with a non-stick Perma-Shield aluminum alloy coating. We’ll check out its other cutting-edge features after a look at the list of features and specs from Diablo:


• Perma-shield non-stick coating for protection against heat, gumming and corrosion
• Super-thin kerf design for fast and effortless cuts
• New advanced laser-cut stabilizer vents absorb noise and vibration, and prevent sideways movement for precise, clean cuts
• Tri-metal shock resistant brazing to withstand extreme impact
• Precision tensioning is a computer controlled process to keep the blade flat for a better quality finish
• Laser cut heat expansion slots allow the blade to expand and contract without warping for straight and accurate cuts
• Great for cutting hardwoods, softwoods, pressure treated wood, plywood and OSB
• Blade can be used on 12 in. miter saws and 12 in. slide miter saws
• Red saw blades are a trademark of Freud America, Inc.
• Increased performance and maximum cutting life


• Arbor: 1″
• Diameter: 12″
• Hook Angle: 15°
• Kerf: .098″
• Plate: .071mm
• Teeth: 44 ATB

My, Grandma, What Sharp Teeth You Have…

One of the biggest factors in getting a fast, smooth cut is a set of sharp, sturdy teeth. For strength and durability, carbide rules. Diablo uses its own formulation, called TiCo Hi-Density Carbide, on the Diablo D1244X. Made with a blend of titanium and cobalt, the result is a super-sharp edge, one which Diablo claims will provide 5X longer cutting life.

diablo d1244x
The Diablo D1244X has a nice sharp set of sturdy teeth.

Diablo attaches the teeth with a tri-metal shock-resistant brazing method, consisting of a layer of copper sandwiched between layers of silver. The result is a tooth that is designed to withstand extreme impact.

The Diablo D1244X – Venting In A Stable Fashion

Wondering what those little squiggly cuts around the inside edge of the blade are for? To help ensure precise cuts in a variety of wood materials, the Diablo D1244X includes laser-cut stabilizer vents. The vents feature a permanent filler baked in from top to bottom, which helps absorb noise, and prevents sideways movement of the blade.

diablo d1244x
Laser-cut stabilizer vents and expansion slots keep the blade spinning smooth and true…

While they had the laser cutter fired up, Diablo added heat expansion slots around the outer rim. They allow the blade to expand and contract without warping, providing a straight, true cut.

Seeing Red – Taking The Diablo D1244X 12” Blades For A Spin

Blade number one from the Diablo D1244X twin pack actually put one of its brothers out of work. We’re putting in new flooring on a current project, and my flooring guy had a Diablo D1244X blade already installed on his miter saw. It had been on there a long time, though, and although it was still doing a decent job, the guy running the saw was happy to have a nice, fresh blade.

diablo d1244x
One of the new Diablo D1244X blades replaced its tired brother…

We swapped the blades out, and fired up the saw. We’re putting in ¾” tongue and groove oak, and the new blade went through it as fast and easy as a Congressman going through your tax dollars. Well, almost that fast.

diablo d1244x
Oak flooring? Easy peasy. And no smoke!

Blade number two found a home on the DeWalt DWS779 slider we recently reviewed. I broke it in by downsizing a bunch of scrap dimensional lumber for the burn pile. I also made several cuts in some fairly wet pressure-treated lumber. The sharp teeth and narrow kerf made all the cuts easily.

diablo d1244x
The Diablo D1244X assumes the position on yet another DeWalt slider…

Actually, my primary project at the moment is installing trim. Lots of trim. I decided to put the Diablo D1244X to work on some of it, while the blade was still relatively freshy fresh. Our trim wood is all ¾” oak, ranging from 1×4 to 1×10 in size. Even though it’s not really a finish blade, it cut beautifully, and left a perfect finished edge.

diablo d1244x
The blade easily cut dimensional lumber and PT with no trouble…
diablo d1244x
And left a very nice finished edge on my trim wood.

Ready To Stop Feeling The Burn?

Anyone who has spent some time right-sizing wood knows the task is a whole lot easier with a good blade. A nice, sharp blade is a lot easier to use, and your cut pieces don’t look like they just came off the grill.

The Diablo D1244X is billed as a cross-cut blade, for miter and chop saws, but Diablo says they’re also great for making smoother-finish rips. I don’t have a 12” table saw to try it out. I wish I did, as I recently spent a fairly unpleasant afternoon ripping down several 2x4s for furring material with a fairly dull blade on my 10” saw. Note to self: This blade also comes in a 10”, 40-tooth version.

diablo d1244x
My smoking table saw says it’s time to go shopping…

If you’re tired of the smell of burning lumber, it’s time to get your saw a new set of teeth. The Diablo D1244X is a great choice for anyone who uses a 12” blade, and the twin pack is a great opportunity to pick up a spare, and save a few bucks in the process. Diablo blades are made by Freud, and Freud backs the blades with a lifetime guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship. To give you a risk-free opportunity to see what life is like without charred wood, the Home Depot covers the Diablo D1244X under its 90-day return policy.

diablo d1244x

Buy the two-pack Diablo D124444VP from the Home Depot for a current price of $55:

Buy Now - via Home Depot

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