Ad Critics For A Day: The DIY Network Commercial

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A freelancer for the DIY Network recently contacted us to ask what we thought of their commercial, “Do It Yourself.” You want an opinion? Mine? Happy to oblige!

First, take a look at the video yourself:

As you can see, it’s yet another “hot chick” ad. Super original, right? There’s all the typical hot chick action sequences – stripping down into cut-offs and a midriff-exposing tank top, a fan blowing her tousles around, various excuses to show her bending over. There’s even the get-up-on-a-platform-to-dance moment, complete with what Glee fans now know as hairography (frequent, dramatic hair-tossing to distract the audience from lacklustre dance skills). All that’s missing is some water to the chest and her handing her man a sweating bottle of beer at the end.

Anyway, throughout the commercial, we see her using various tools on his prized possessions: she pulls out a grinder, a sawzall, welding torch, a nail gun, a cordless drill – and what’s in every toolbox (or in her case … a postal bag?) – a bat. We’re waiting for the big reveal and twist that will somehow convince us that her stomping on his CD collection was a reasonable reaction to him coming home late.

And the twist is, she wasn’t simply wrecking his stuff with her DIY skills, she was making … art? But since the art doubles as a bed and because she’s so hot, it’s all cool with the dude. Oh, fantasies, how fun.

I can tell you that had I gathered all my partner’s favorite things – his Montreal Canadiens gear, the plasma TV and Hot Rod Pepperettes – and welded them all together around a mattress – there would be a restraining order coming my way before I even had a chance to turn the fan off.

So what do we think of the video? I give it a “meh” with a mix of “huh?”. The DIY Network, however, still has our love.

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1 thought on “Ad Critics For A Day: The DIY Network Commercial”

  1. As much as I’m in favor of hot chicks & power tools, I’m going to have to give this one a big thumbs down. Way to perpetuate stupid stereotypes of the pissed off woman wrecking the guys stuff, even if she did make him something out of it. How about instead showing her remodeling the bathroom while he’s gone, or building a gazebo, some other positive message ? If my wife nailed my antique wooden plane collection to our headboard it would not go over well.


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