Douglas Tools Super Hammers – I think I’m in love!

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douglas hammerIf any of you have read my profile my favorite tool is my framing hammer. I’ve made a lot of beautiful music with it and it just feels right in my hand. But looking at the Douglas Hammer I can hear Eric Carmen singing ‘Hungry Eyes’ and my mouth begins to drool. Where do I begin with this piece of art? 

Douglas tools’ tag line is – “Wood where you want it – Steel where you need it.™” – and they’ve hit the proverbial nail on the head (wait for it, wait for it, there it is). Todd Coonrad, president of Douglas tool, designer and carpenter, was looking for a wooden handled hammer that could withstand miss-hits and wear. And be still my swooning heart, I believe he’s done it.

Like most wooden handled hammers, these are made from American Hickory. The genius is in the head itself though. Unlike most hammers which slide over the handle and wedge onto it, the Douglas hammer slides into the head and is pinned to it, a design they call H2IT (Head-Handle Interface Technology). So, in the event of an over-strike or miss-hit there is a metal neck that catches the deflections. They’ve pretty much decided to pull a Sylvester Stallone pre AARP induction and bulk up. The big boy framing hammer is a standard 23 oz. and has a magnetic nail set like many other framing hammers. However, there are a couple of unique additions to the hammer that set the Douglas hammers apart. First, it has an inverted traction face which is patented to the Douglas hammer and a pretty sweet side nail pull slot to work those nasty dug in nails out.

Douglas hammers are downright sexy

But as with most things in life, coolness comes with a price. The Douglas hammer will cost you about double what a typical framing hammer does at Lowe’s (Retail starting at $69.99 USD). However, you do get a two year defective head replacement guarantee. And a really sexy hammer. Oh, yeah I guess I should also let you know about the other hammers that Douglas Tools sell too. I mean why would want anything less than perfection?  Douglas hammers have three framing hammer sizes and smaller finish hammers which also come with a side nail pull and magnetic nail starter.  And in the event of a catastrophe they also have replacement handles for the individual sizes for around $20. You can find an assortment of Douglas Hammers, most around $50-$60 on Amazon.

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6 thoughts on “Douglas Tools Super Hammers – I think I’m in love!”

  1. ben a carpenter for over 30 plus years have 3 douglas hammers the best many conpliments im glad there back for a while they stoped production send away mine all the way from California its a true California hammer love love the hammers and many thanks ,,,,,,,,,,,,, GIULIANO

  2. I have ( had ) this hammer and for the past almost 2 years it’s been my favorite of all my hammers ! Just recently I somehow managed to snap the shank ( if that’s what u wanna call it ) below the head …. and well I have no clue where to buy a new one as I got this one as a gift from my father when I was in California , I live in a small town in New York and every place I have looked has nothing to even compare to how this awesome hammer was designed !

  3. I have this hammer and yes, absolutely my favorite hammer. Well thought out design, and out a smile on my face with every strike. Worth the money in my opinion.


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