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dremel multi max mm50

There are often times when you need a planer, palm sander, hacksaw, drywall saw, pipe cutter, and flat saw when working on one single project. The Dremel Multi-Max MM50 5.0-Amp oscillating tool kit with 30 accessories is proving to be the one tool needed for all of the aforementioned needs and more. With its increased ergonomics, the Dremel Multi-Max MM50 is a perfect fit for your hands and the job. Join us on several tool adventures as we evaluate the MM50 kit Dremel sent to us in a variety of applications.

Versatility – No Tool Required

The Dremel Multi-Max MM50 has set a new bar with regard to versatility included within its oscillating tool kit and the 30 included accessories. The kit contains five cutting tools with an MM480, MM450, MM435 and two MM482 included in the set along with the MM14 triangular shaped sanding head and 24 sanding pads. The Dremel Multi-Max MM50 fits nicely with these accessories in the substantial storage bag – also included in the kit.

Dremel Multi-Max MM50
The sanding head has the standardized 360 degree range of rotation. This allows you to rotate the head to get a fresh edge in the best position to sand.

Many products claim to fit all of your needs. Every truck commercial explains how it can work like a tank, drive like a Cadillac, race like a Porsche, and serve fresh coffee from the glovebox. The Dremel Multi-Max MM50 proved to have a genuine versatility with an easy, tool-less accessory replacement mechanism. It does not make coffee but in the time it saved me, I was able to sit down and enjoy a fresh cup.

Dremel Multi-Max MM50
The Dremel Multi-Max MM50 is not ‘just a sander,’ this tool is designed for cutting, grinding and scraping as well!

This is not just a sander or a sander with other attachments. The Dremel Multi-Max MM50 quickly transforms into an efficient tool for cutting metal pipes and is just as quickly changed over to a smooth operating drywall cutting tool with the tool-less design for quick, secure accessory changes.

Dremel Multi-Max MM50
The 4 steps to change a tool are: Loosen, push blue button, change tool, and tighten. I felt like they modified it just for me – nice and simple.
Dremel Multi-Max MM50
Here is an ‘action shot’ of me detaching the sanding head. With a push of the button you can slide the attachment off.

Dremel Multi-Max MM50 New Design

Dremel sells additional tools for the Multi-Max MM50 but I can assure you that this kit is extremely versatile and will be a great place to start. The sanding pads with the 5.0 Amp variable speed oscillating motor are powerful enough to remove the material with the precision required for tight or delicate applications.

Dremel Multi-Max MM50
The on/off switch is separate from the variable speed control. This allows you to maintain the same speed when you resume the work again.

The body angle allows you to hold the Dremel Multi-Max MM50 comfortably while keeping the cutting/sanding accessory flat or perpendicular to the work surface. The front end design is both compact and durable, allowing you to get into those tight spaces. All of this compact, 5.0 Amp,10-21,000 OPM power weighs in at a mere 3 pounds which makes overhead and extended use an easy ask.

Dremel Multi-Max MM50 Fast Facts

• The Dremel MM50 robust design provides low vibration operation giving you better control for precise and clean cuts.
• A compact head that is 30% smaller than other tools in its class – allowing the MM50 allows you to get into tight, hard-to-reach spaces.
• Exclusive and unique angled body design delivers a much improved experience, especially during flush cuts. The angle provides you better control and more room for your hands under the tool.
• Powerful 5.0 amp motor, highest in its class, delivers Pro performance to get the toughest jobs done.
• Tool-less blade change system allows you to change Accessories by simply twisting the knob, Pushing it down and inserting accessory.
• Variable speed – from 10,000-21,000 OPM for optimal performance and control when working with various materials.
• The kit includes one storage bag and a variety of 30 accessories for both cutting and sanding wood, drywall, metal and more.

The Right Tool for the Job

I used the Dremel Multi-Max MM50 to sand both the mortise and tenon areas of an antique sleigh bed that had recently been repaired and refinished. These shallow and thin areas needed some refinement to dial in the regions that were not fitting together. With this precision sanding, the task went much more smoothly as I could be precise with the removal of the material.

Dremel Multi-Max MM50
With three wide mortises only 1/2 inch deep, the MM50 made the task easier and far more controlled.
Dremel Multi-Max MM50
The Dremel Multi-Max MM50 is thin enough to fit into the mortises to sand the edges. The dust was in a confined, easy to clean up area afterwards.

The 3 pound Dremel Multi-Max MM50 is easy to use over your head, on a step ladder, or down on the floor. It made quick work of the wooden dowel plugs that were glued to fill a series of lag bolt holes on the house entrance. The shallow space would have been difficult for most belt or palm sanders.

Dremel Multi-Max MM50
The 3 pounds of Dremel Multi-Max MM50 are like a walk in the park as I show off using one hand.
Dremel Multi-Max MM50
This glued in dowel looks better than the threaded hole left by the lag bolt. But it is still pretty ugly.
Dremel Multi-Max MM50
After a moment with the Dremel Multi-Max MM50, this smoothly finished plug is ready for a coat of primer and then paint. Honey-Do lists don’t stand a chance with the Dremel Multi-Max MM50!

Just because you have an electric wood planer doesn’t mean it is the best tool for the job. When the brutal heat of summer combines with some high humidity, formerly well-functioning doors tend to get stuck in the closed position.

Dremel Multi-Max MM50
Hand held wood planers can weigh 6.5+ pounds and are hard to fit in these spaces. The 3 pound Dremel Multi-Max MM50 may be the answer for your sticking doors.

This is no problem at all, unless I am not home to open them. If I am away and my wife is seemingly trapped in our bedroom. . . well, this can lead to an apology that costs more than the Dremel Multi-Max MM50! I was able to address the heavy beads of paint on the top edge and dial in the door latch edge to open and close with very little set up, noise, or mess.

Dremel Multi-Max MM50
These beautifully painted doors look innocent but don’t be fooled. They bind in the opening during the summer months. I explained that summer will pass but that didn’t go over very well.
Dremel Multi-Max MM50
The tops of these doors look like lunar landing pictures. The Dremel Multi-Max MM50 will take care of these mountains of paint!
Dremel Multi-Max MM50
The Dremel Multi-Max MM50 is light and easy to wield as I sand multiple edges of the door.
Dremel Multi-Max MM50
I was able to take material off in a very controlled fashion. While there was dust on the floor to clean up, I wasn’t throwing wood chips all over the room. On a side note, this is not a operation you would want to do on older paint with potential lead content.
Dremel Multi-Max MM50
The Dremel Multi-Max MM50 was able to cleanly take off high spots without the need of a wood planer. Many wood planers weigh over 6.5 lbs compared to the 3 lbs of the Dremel Multi-Max MM50 .
Dremel Multi-Max MM50
The cord of the Dremel Multi-Max MM50 works great on a bench. I added a step ladder and extension cord to give me the mobility I needed.

In addition to having a concentrated section of teeth for the cutting, the Dremel Multi-Max MM50 attachments have clearly labeled rulers on the non-cutting edge. These are there to assist with the depth of the cut. The purpose of the blade, wood or metal, is also labeled clearly on the top of the attachment.

Drywall? You need the Dremel Multi-Max MM50

When using the MM435, the drywall jab saw, I was really impressed with the control and lack of vibration. I was able to precisely start the tool on the line as I began to plunge the blade into the drywall. By starting the tip approximately .5 inches away from the corner of my cut out, I was able to drop into the material and stay within my lines. With slight up and down motions as I pulled the Dremel Multi-Max MM50 smoothly down the line. It cut through the drywall without excessive vibration or dust flying all over the place.

Dremel Multi-Max MM50
I honestly spent as much time measuring and outlining the opening for the box as I did cutting out the opening with the Dremel Multi-Max MM50.
Dremel Multi-Max MM50
By starting in away from the corner 1/2 inch the blade dropped down nicely within the area I was removing.

Compared to using the old fashioned hand drywall hole saw, the Dremel Multi-Max MM50 was a proverbial hot knife cutting through warm butter. The compact size, 5.0 Amp motor, combined with the ease of use makes the Dremel Multi-Max MM50 the perfect tool for both new construction as well as renovating existing homes.

Dremel Multi-Max MM50
This box slid right into location without any modifications. The Dremel Multi-Max MM50 earned its keep here!

Dremel Multi-Max MM50 Slices Metal

When I was a much younger man and learning the trades, a foreman told me “I paid for the whole blade, you can use all of those teeth.” He told me that because I was doing the typical alligator arm version of using a hacksaw and only really using the middle two thirds of the blade. I did change my technique to use the entire blade and will undoubtedly use that line with my children one day.

Dremel Multi-Max MM50
I’m holding the section being removed while running the Dremel Multi-Max MM50 above my head with my other hand. Not to brag – the tool made it easy.
Dremel Multi-Max MM50
These are clean cuts that required very minimal de-burring. Much faster than me with the smallest pipe cutter or hacksaw.

The 5.0 Amp motor and 10,000-21,000 OPM range of speed “uses the whole blade.” It has a much more compacted cutting surface of teeth but it uses every one of them to cut through the material quickly and neatly. The compact design and light weight construction allowed me to work overhead while using one hand to hold the in-line filter that I was removing.

Dremel Multi-Max MM50
Even the Pex line seems to be smiling and happy to have the assistance of the Dremel Multi-Max MM50!

Pound for Pound, the Dremel Multi-Max MM50 is a Great Deal

With the bar for comfort and power in a compact tool being raised, the Dremel Multi-Max MM50 is a solid investment for both the DIY-er or the professional contractor. The Dremel Multi-Max MM50 kit has most of what you need but there are also additional attachments that you can add to your tool kit like the handy grout removing grinder attachment for tile installation or repair. From drywall to pvc, from sanding to cutting through metal, the Dremel Multi-Max MM50 is a versatile tool for anyone’s toolkit.

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Dremel Multi-Max MM50

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