EasyBloom Plant Sensor – Brown thumb meets Carpal Tunnel

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easy-bloom-plant-sensorImagine you’re in your garden and suddenly have the eery feeling that someone is watching you. You look over to see this little creature with a single eye just glaring at you! Then you realize “oh yea, that’s just my Easy Bloom Plant Sensor”. Whew! Despite the slightly odd flower-esque industrial design with a petal top and curvy white plastic body, the Easy Bloom is a god-send for the frustrated gardener or houseplant-killing amateur. Simply insert the little USB-compatible device in the soil of your garden and/or pot and give the guy a few days to read the soil conditions, temperate, light and humidity. Then plug it into your computer, hit the web site and look for the solution to your geranium-murdering reputation or just get a list of plants that would love your particular corner of the garden. The Easy Bloom would probably make a great gift for that gardener-type in your family or on your list of hard-to-buy-for folks. Just make sure they know the difference between that garden trowel and a computer mouse. The EasyBloom Plant Sensor by PlantSense is available for about $60.

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Philsophser turned artist turned designer, Alec turns to home improvement as a stress-reducer. Now, he wonders why no one told him that it would be a stress-producer. Alec lives and rides his bike in beautiful Boulder, Colorado with his olympian wife Ann and his unimpressed cat Stella. He tries his best to do everything green and sustainably with varying success.

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