Summerwood Products, Not Your Average Garden Shed

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summerwoodgardenshedIf you have a little space in the backyard and are looking to add a garden shed, cabana, gazebo, workshop, playhouse, or spa enclosure, Summerwood Products has some stylish, convenient, and cost effective options for you. You know those plastic storage sheds you can buy everywhere? Well these products will make those manufacturers downright embarrassed about their stylistically barren plastic boxes. Summerwood Products focuses on providing structure kits for the ambitious and not-so-ambitious do-it-yourselfer. Each kit contains, detailed, easy to follow instruction, a helpful assembly video, pre-assembled windows, doors, flower boxes and shutters, all of your building components, and fasteners and hardware such as screws, nails, hinges, and door handles. Whether the structure is a fancy shed or a new home office, Summerwood offers a dizzying variety of architectural styles, and optional details such as cupolas, dormers, specialized doors, etc. The kits can be purchased “pre-cut” (requiring about 50% more assembly time), or “pre-assembled” (for those opting for less assembly work). Kits are available for garden sheds, cabanas, gazebos, workshops, home offices, playhouses and even spa enclosures. The Summerwood Products website features a wealth of product and building information, and countless photos of their stylish outdoor structures. Spare your outdoor space the humiliation of a plastic shed, and opt for a real structure instead. Prices range from about $2000 to $30,000 depending on size, model and upgrades.

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10 thoughts on “Summerwood Products, Not Your Average Garden Shed”

  1. Sheds kits are a great way to go for the homeowner that wants to do their own project, but is limited on time. You can get a wood shed kit for less direct from a builder. Just make sure to shop around so you don’t end up with cheap materials.

  2. Prefabricated shed kits are definitely the way to go over a shed plan. You can save time and money on your new storage shed if you bypass all the plans. There are lots of wood sheds to choose from like this article describes, but you can also get a cheaper shed if you don’t mind lower costing materials like metal or plastics.

  3. My service and product was great!! We ordered a custom pool cabana and were pleasantly surprised by how friendly and courteous everyone was and how smoothly the whole process went. We are VERY glad we went with Summerwood for our cabana. Would recommend them to everyone we know. I wish them all the success in their business. Keep up the good work!

  4. Over 2,000 Photos from Happy Customers!
    While we don’t generally join these types of discussions. the comments below couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes Summerwood was sold two years ago, however there are about 200 people that will tell you that their products were shipped without any issue whatsoever with the new owners in charge. And since then we’ve added about 500 more photos to our portfolio of delighted customers. The comments below pertain to a situation where a product was ordered, built to custom specs, and then canceled; which admittedly we do not allow. (Due to the ‘made to order’ nature of our products.)

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment and to respond to the earlier comments placed on the site Peter. We wish you and your clients all the best!

  5. Summerwood claims that it was taken over by Dacor Structures and as a result is not honoring deposits made last year. They refuse to either build for us or provide a refund.

    Do not do business here.

  6. do not do business with this group. they ‘restructured’ in the fall and told us that the new company [operating under the same name with the same web site and product line] is not bound to honour $10K+ deposit!

    we’re left in a position as an ‘unsecured creditor’ and told we have to sue — even then we won’t likely get much.


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