Protect Your Lamborghini with the Fastcap My Grip

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fastcap-my-gripWhat does the FastCap My Grip custom tool grip have to do with protecting Lamborghinis? Read on and you’ll discover the fascinating connection!

After months of our house looking like a commercial building project, we finally had the scaffolding from a recent job taken down. One of the guys had sections of scaffolding in our front yard and was wildly swinging his hammer to bang them apart. This was not a surgical disassembly. Then, as if in slow motion, I watched as his arm arched through the air. The hammer completely missed the section he was aiming for, slipped from his grip and launched through the air, sailing across the sidewalk, and into the street.

A couple days before there had been a Lamborghini Gallardo parked in the exact spot the hammer flew through. Thankfully no one and no vehicles were in the hammer’s path at the time of the incident. I could only imagine how the conversation with my neighbor would have gone if his Lamborghini had been impacted by a flying hammer. Entertaining? Yes! Good for neighbor relations? No! Why do I have a neighbor that owns a Lamborghini? I have no idea, but it makes me feel like we’re moving up in the world. It also makes me feel like what we drive is relatively crappy, which it is. Anyway, the point here is that hammers (and other tools) can be very slippery and hard to hang on to.

FastCap has come up with a clever solution for protecting Lamborghinis from this kind of mishap, it’s called the My Grip, billed as the first DIY custom grip! My Grip is made from a super high tech secret magic material that creates an exact impression of your hand on any tool. People are even using it to add custom grips to firearms (great for making sure you’ve got a tight grip on your UZI before you brandish it to anyone threatening your Lambo). It provides totally custom comfort and safety, and increases shock absorption, while decreasing wrist and hand fatigue.

Installing the My Grip is a relatively straightforward affair. Just immerse it in 200 degree water for about 2 minutes and it’s ready to be applied. Check out the My Grip Installation Video at Fastcap for details. You can get the FastCap My Grip for about $5 online, and that’s way cheaper than a Lamborghini repair!

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