Burn, Baby, Burn: The Rockler Wood Branding Iron

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rockler_wood_branding_ironI don’t personally do a lot of fine wood working (ok, none), but you can bet that if I ever did create a piece of furniture with my own two hands (I’ve been told that assembling the Ikea Billy bookcase doesn’t count. Hrmph.), you can bet that I’d want the world to know that it was a Jen Original. That’s when something like the Rockler Branding Iron would come in handy.

Whether you’re a hobbyist or you have a woodworking-related business, a customized brander that seers your name into your work is a pretty fulfilling way to complete a project. There are a few options available, including whether you want to heat the end up using a torch or buying the electrical version (neato!). Reviews indicate that Rockler does a quality job – letters and numbers turn out crisp and the brander heats up well, regardless of the type purchased.

The only negative of this tool is resisting the urge to brand everything around you, because, well … it’s kind of fun, actually! Rockler Branding Irons start at $64.99 and high-end versions can be found for $104.99. They also have a custom logo version in the $200 range.

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3 thoughts on “Burn, Baby, Burn: The Rockler Wood Branding Iron”

  1. Since most power tools and tool cases are made of plastic, I’ve been wanting to get one of these to brand my tools with my name and phone number.

    Call me paranoid but I just hear too many stories about carpenters being cleaned out by burglars. Go into any pawn shop and see the results. While some guys may spray paint their tools or write their names in magic marker those can be removed with some solvent. A brand is permanent.

    Also, concerning branding your work, what is the point of branding custom woodwork with a standard type faced brand? It may be more worth considering a true custom brand such as your company logo or your signature as a brand. Better yet (and far more custom) pick up a chisel and carve your name into that wood old world style.


    • Thanks for your comment Kevin! Signing your work by hand isn’t so bad either. There’s good precedent, folks like Leonardo da Vinci, Salvador Dali and Rembrandt rarely used branding irons. But when it comes to woodworking, I think a custom branding iron has some good appeal. Send us a pic if you take the plunge at some point!


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