Firm Grip PRO-Fit Flex Impact Gloves – A Fist Bumper’s Dream!

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What's This?This post is sponsored by The Home Depot. Maybe I’m getting wimpy in my old age, but finishing up my daily chores with bleeding, filthy hands just isn’t that appealing anymore. Even with a good set of callouses, spending ten minutes digging out splinters and getting de-grunged just isn’t that enjoyable. With the snow finally melted, and warm weather upon us, a good pair of all-around lightweight gloves can save a good bit of cleanup time at day’s end – along with the occasional patch of shredded skin. The Home Depot recently sent us a pair of Firm Grip PRO-Fit Flex Impact Gloves; we’ll try ‘em out, and see how well they protect our dainty little digits.

Firm Grip PRO-Fit Flex Impact Gloves
Firm Grip PRO-Fit Flex Impact Gloves, ready to help you get a grip.

Designed for use as an all-around utility glove, Firm Grip PRO-Fit Flex Impact Gloves are very lightweight. That’s the first thing I noticed. The second thing was that the shape of the day is Triangle. To help protect against scrapes and minor impacts, the back of the fingers and the knuckle area are covered with little rubber triangles. This also gives the gloves a vaguely menacing, futuristic look, in case a little role playing might spice up your workday.

Triangles up the wazoo protect your hand.

The main fabric used in the fingers and the back of the hand is a stretchy lycra material. It flexes very nicely, allowing full range of motion for your hand and fingers. Hook and loop closures at the wrists work well, and help keep the gloves in place and debris out.

The gloves have great flexibility – and triangles.

The front side of the hand is also pretty well protected. The main contact area is made of synthetic leather, with reinforced areas across the palm and around the base of the thumb.

The “grip” area is reinforced to protect your hand.

If you occasionally need to use the touch screen on your phone or other device – for work-related purposes, of course – you’ll appreciate the touch-screen compatible pad at the tip of the index fingers.

Firm Grip PRO-Fit Flex Impact Gloves
A touchscreen-compatible pad on the index fingers lets you send those crucial texts…

Firm Grip PRO-Fit Flex Impact Gloves Lend A Hand

Over the period of a few weeks, I put the Firm Grip PRO-Fit Flex Impact Gloves to work on several different projects. A large residential addition provided the gloves with their first taste of jobsite dirt.

Good grip + no splinters = A win.

The gloves were comfortable and afforded decent protection from splinters while moving dimensional lumber and sheets of OSB. Operating the chop saw and other power tools was no problem, thanks to the slim profile and flexibility of the gloves.

Firm Grip PRO-Fit Flex Impact Gloves
The light weight and good flexibility provide great dexterity while working with tools.

Pipes And Manure And Rocks, Oh My…

During some plumbing work, the gloves provided a good grip as I was prepping and sweating copper pipe. They also kept the hard-to-clean copper grunge off my hands.

Gloves are always a good idea when working with copper…

After all the relatively clean indoor work, it was time to take the gloves outside to play. Our farm yard has rocks. Lots of rocks. We’re constantly relocating those rocks, which always manage to be located precisely where we want something ELSE to be located.

Firm Grip PRO-Fit Flex Impact Gloves
Hey, look – I found a rock!
Guess I’ll add it to the collection. Call me if you need a rock.

We also had a fair bit of topsoil and mushroom manure to distribute from the back end of the pickup, and I used them while picking up lots of various yard debris: Sticks, leaves, vines, and scads of little stones that hadn’t yet grown into full-sized rocks.

The gloves also gave good protection while picking up miscellaneous yard debris…

Using the gloves helped keep me from shredding my hands on the rocks, and adding to my blister collection while shoveling. They also helped keep my hands relatively clean during all this outdoorsy fun.

More Handy Info On Firm Grip PRO-Fit Flex Impact Gloves

The Flex Impact Gloves are available in Medium, Large and Extra-Large sizes. I have very large hands, so I ordered the XL size. While I could get them on, and had good flexibility while using them, the gloves were a snug fit. After having them on a while, they felt a bit too constricting; I wish they made a size XXL; that would likely be perfect. A coworker, with somewhat smaller hands, tried them out, and they fit very well.

For light to medium general tasks, we had very good results from the Firm Grip PRO-Fit Flex Impact Gloves.

If you’re looking for a pair of lightweight, flexible work gloves for light to medium general use, Firm Grip PRO-Fit Flex Impact Gloves are definitely worth a try. The pair I got held up very well over a variety of typical tasks, with no rips or coming apart at the seams. The gloves are available at the Home Depot; for purchase information, click on the links below.

Buy Firm Grip PRO-Fit Flex Impact Gloves from the Home Depot:
Size L

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Size XL

Buy Now - via Home Depot

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