Cutting Edge: Fiskars Momentum Reel Mower

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We’ve talked before about the advantages of reel mowers – the type that requires neither gas nor electricity to cut grass; these have no environmental impact, no bad-for-people fumes, no operating costs, no noise, and they give you a bit of exercise. Now we’re keen to talk about the next generation of reel mowers that are even easier to use.

Making waves … or a more appropriate idiom … a cut above the rest – is the Fiskars Momentum Reel Mower. This model is engineered to be smarter in several ways. Here are some of them:

  • The Momentum Reel Mower is more ergonomically savvy than most on the market.  An ergonomic handle with a padded grip for comfort & control and a quick and easy one-touch cut height adjustment system are incorporated in the design.  The overall engineering has shown that this model is 30% easier to push than most mowers.
  • Fiskars provides more flexibility through adjustable heights for grass cutting. The VersaCut™ design delivers the greatest cut range of any reel mower – with cut height settings from 1” to 4”.
  • The mower operates efficiently so that there is less wear on the blades. It does this with the StaySharp™ cutting system that cuts grass without the blades touching – greatly reducing friction.
  • The Momentum Reel Mower has two times more cutting power. This allows the user to get through small twigs, weeds, or clumps of grass that would otherwise stop other reel mowers.
  • The mower is overall cleaner than many of the market. Its VersaCut™ design completely eliminates uncut strips from under the wheels, making tracking on successive mowing runs easy. Plus, the mower features a unique forward throw grass discharge chute for simple, mess-free operation.

But, you need not take my word for it – just look at how overjoyed Martha Stewart is with hers:

And as you know, Martha Stewart has never been wrong about anything. Well, except the stuff she went to jail for – but you know what we mean.

The Fiskars Momentum Reel Mower comes with a four-year warranty and goes for $249.99 at most retailers across the country.

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3 thoughts on “Cutting Edge: Fiskars Momentum Reel Mower”

  1. Marc,
    You’d be surprised (I was) how far some in the DC Metro area will bike to work. I had a couple of bosses who’d bike daily around 20-miles to/from work. Of course, most still sit behind the wheel or sardine themselves into the Metro.

    The B&D rechargable mower. Sounds interesting. Any hybrids available? I suppose I’ll have to take you up on your offer to find out more. Thanks for the banter and have a good Independence Day weekend.

  2. ES, l’m loving your puns: “You for REEL”, “REELY” and “PUSHED to accept.” That’s strong work! I thought I’d step in and reply since you seem very exercised about this article. I should probably clarify we don’t actually expect you to buy everything you read about on Nor do we expect every product to be useful to everyone of our beloved readers.

    If you biked 30 miles to work, we’d be impressed. But we don’t expect it. However if your work was two blocks away, we might think it would make more sense to walk the commute than drive it. Does that make us evil? Perhaps.

    I think most of our readers are shrewd enough to know that a human-powered reel mower probably isn’t a great solution for large lawns. But for those of us with tiny patches of lawns, a reel mower offers some great advantages over firing up and maintaining a gas mower. If the thought of a Reel push mower still REELY bugs you, stay tuned for our review of one of Black & Decker’s new rechargeable mowers next week. In the meantime we’ll mark you down as “not reely interested” in the Fiskar’s Momentum! : )

  3. You for reel? Would you pay $250 for a push mower? The sales pitch is borderline academic and fails to appreciate the reality of the harsher landscapes of most lawns. Though to her credit Martha Stewart did hint this may not be an ideal product for large lawns.

    As for exercise and the environment. Reelly, please. Would you expect me to walk/bike 30 miles to work largely for the fight against obesity and pollution? It is not necessarily practical nor desirable for reasons I believe should be obvious. So, why are we being pushed to accept something just as impractical and undesirable?

    This is a mower best suited for chuting out more frustration than solution to the gas powered lawn mower. No thanks.


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