Foxgloves Gardening Gauntlet for Weed (and Regular) Geeks

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Because I am Nerdy Von Nerdstein, when I saw the Foxgloves Gardening Gauntlet, my first thought wasn’t about how great they’d be for tackling rose bushes and prickly weeds. It was how awesome they’d be for a costume at a renaissance fair, Comic Con or if you had a part time job as the hawk tamer at Medieval Times. (Random Trivia: The hawk at my local Medieval Times is named “Lady Guinevere”.  Bonus Trivia: I’m only slightly ashamed that I know that info.)

Even if you’re not the type who dreams of slapping a gauntlet across someone’s face and challenging them to a sword duel (and I feel sad for your lack of nerdy imagination), the Foxgloves Gardening Gauntlet has many uses for you. I guess.

No, really, it is a great piece of gear for gardeners and yet another new product Marc found at the National Hardware Show. They are great when you’re working with thorny bushes, scratchy branches, big pointy leaves or particularly nasty weeds. Yes, we’ve profiled great protective gloves on the site before, but the Foxgloves Gardening Gauntlet features a design that protects your forearms while allowing you to wear long sleeves (because sometimes the best sun protection is covering up, you see!). Here are the other features of this gauntlet:

  • Synthetic leather palm is thorn and puncture resistant
  • Padded palm cushions and protects hand
  • Reinforced fingertips for added protection and longer wear
  • Tough and resilient synthetic suede back and cuff
  • Supple, breathable fabric
  • Machine wash gentle cycle – line dry

My Lord and Ladies of the Garden, the Foxgloves Gardening Gauntlet is available online for $35. If thy get them, let thy HomeFixated know, will ye?

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6 thoughts on “Foxgloves Gardening Gauntlet for Weed (and Regular) Geeks”

  1. I really wish that we had some of those gloves with which to tackle our bougainvillia (which I’ve surely spelled wrong). I’ve got scars, I tell ya, scars.

    Of course, I’ve also got scars on my back, chest and thighs from that damn plant.

    So maybe what I really need is some sort of super-hero all-over leather outfit.

    let me know when they make it. Thanks.

    • Steve, I hear ya! We had a Bougainvillea back in MP. Its thorns seemed to have a highly aggressive and violent mind of their own. They are beautiful, but deadly! I’d prune mine with the longest pair of loppers I could find, but I’d still get stabbed. And we’re not talking dainty thorns here. Maybe a garden tool manufacturer will read this and develop loppers with 8′ handles to keep you out of harms way. Until then, can I recommend a Red Man Suit? ; )


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