Fuhr 260 Finish Review and How To, Make Your Wood Look Good

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fuhr-industrial-water-based-urethaneI started using Fuhr Industrial products and their 260 Waterborne Industrial Urethane in particular a few years ago. Although Fuhr is intended for commercial use, and there’s been a learning curve, I’ve found them to be an outstanding DIY product to work with for several reasons. They are definitely a green product and typically zero to low voc. Their odor is mild, and as long as there is proper ventilation, I don’t feel a need to wear a respirator when working with it. The Fuhr 260 can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces. Fast dry times can be a challenge, but are a real asset for getting projects done once you get the hang of it. And, the resulting finish is typically gorgeous, making you look like a finishing superstar. Most of our trim is Fuhr’s Red Mahogany stain and Fuhr’s 260 finish. We get compliments on the trim finish constantly. I naturally give all the credit to my incredible HomeFixated skills, and stay totally hush-hush about Fuhr. For the how to basics: sand your wood with 180-220 grit Aluminum Oxide Sand paper in preparation. Then apply Fuhr stain unless you’re going for a natural finish. After the stain is totally dry, I typically apply 3-4 coats of 260 finish, allowing proper dry time in between. Once each coat is dried, I’ll sand between coats with 220-320 grit aluminum oxide sand paper, with no sanding after the final coat. I’ve learned a few little tricks from the Fuhr pros I’d also like to share. One crucial one is to use the 260 Gloss to build up the finish, even if your final coat is not a gloss finish. I typically do about 3 coats of 260 gloss followed by one coat of 260 satin. This technique gives the finish great depth and luster. It also helps avoid a milky appearance you can get if you build the finish with satin or other non-gloss finishes. In most environments, 260 will dry in under an hour and cure completely in as little as four days. I’ve always used a bristle or foam brush to apply it, but it can be sprayed with an HVLP too. Fuhr 260 Waterborne Urethane is recommended for use on wood floors, high end millwork, cabinets and furniture. I’ve used it on all of the above with great results. You can find a list of Fuhr Industrial Wood Coatings Distributors on Fuhr’s website.

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