Mushroom Growing Kits: Attract and Ensnare Smurfs in One Easy Step

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fungi-mushroom-growing-itIf ever there was a full-proof plan for luring Smurfs your way, a new development of deluxe mushroom homes would be it. Surprisingly,, the makers of a variety of outdoor and indoor mushroom kits, have not yet marketed their products to the Gargamel demographic. How odd. Instead, mushroom kits are apparently great for those of us who view the mushrooms themselves as great edibles. Contrary to my original hopes, there are no “magic mushrooms” in the mix. The outdoor kits come in many tasty varieties: there’s the Garden Giant, Giant Morel, Shaggy Mane, HUG Garden Patch and Three Amigos. Having read these names aloud, perhaps these ARE trippy ‘shrooms … The indoor kits present some more familiar varieties. Shiktake, Oyster, Nameko, Enokitake, Lion’s Mane, Maitake, Reishi, Pioppino, Cinnamon Cap, Stone Mushrooms, Turkey Tail and King Tuber are all available. A variety of mushroom kit accessories for ideal garden and indoor growth are also available. The site also has loads of promotions aimed at kids, because apparently, their products put the fun in fungus. No offense to, but if you’ve somehow pried your kids away from Guitar Hero to come look at a jar of blossoming mushrooms, you my friend, are a parenting rockstar. Whatever your motivation for wanting to grow mushrooms, has the kit for you. The most affordable kit on the site is $18 and the most expensive is $65. Smurfy!

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