Gomboy Folding Hand Silky Saw is as Sexy as it Sounds

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Gomboy_Silky_Hand_SawIf it wasn’t for the word ‘saw’, McFeely’s Gomboy Folding Hand Silky Saw would sound like something off the menu of a not-quite-legal strip joint. Or maybe the word ‘saw’ still fits in with that notion – I can’t say I’ve been to enough strip joints to really be an authority on the terminologies used at one.

That said, if it wasn’t for the word saw, we’d hardly be talking about this tool from McFeely’s – so let’s get to the fine points about this home improvement product.

The Silky Gomboy Folding Saw is handy for both woodworkers and gardeners. The 8 ¼” blade can fold away (and stay closed with the flip lock) which makes this tool more compact for storage and safety. When open, the saw measures 17 ½” and features a ground double row of Japanese-style teeth (with 12 teeth per inch). These chompers can cut smoothly though a pull motion into nearly any piece of wood. You can take this saw out for trimming branches, sawing off a slice of a 2 x 4 taking a look at the grain of wood in the lumberyard. You can also set the blade at two different angles depending on your needs.

The Gomboy Folding Hand Silky Saw is available from McFeely`s for a mere $36.90. Just don’t ask it for a lap dance.

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2 thoughts on “Gomboy Folding Hand Silky Saw is as Sexy as it Sounds”

  1. You can buy directly from Silky at http://www.silkysaw.com

    I HIGHLY recommend silky saws – they are great saws, exceptionally high quality, and razor sharp.

    I would also recommend anyone who is interested to go to Silky’s website to choose their saw as their selection of saw types, sizes, and styles is seemingly endless which should ensure they will have the perfectly matched saw for any wood cutting task you may have.


  2. Just a note here – I think this saw is also available from other places besides McFeelys. Just didn’t want readers to get the impression that McFeelys is the sole distributor.


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