Rockler Picture Hanging Level For Art Snobs and Slobs

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Rockler_Picture_hanging_LevelWhenever I go to a person’s home, I take great delight in seeing what kind of art and photos they have up. Mind you, if I ever saw “real” art, I probably wouldn’t appreciate it the same way I seem to enjoy eccentric stuff. When you enter the home of a friend of mine, you’re immediately greeted by a black and white 80s-era photo of Norm MacDonald that was stolen one drunk night from a comedy club in Edmonton (still in its original peach-colored plastic frame, I might add). As for me, my home is sprinkled with the work of Elloh, an Etsy-based artist who does paintings inspired by pop culture (like portraits of the 30 Rock cast, a scene from Office Space or odes to the films of the late, great John Hughes). Art snobs, we clearly are not.

Whatever your design or décor preference, everyone likes their pictures and art to be straight and level. Enter the Rockler Picture Hanging Level.

We like this little decorator’s dream for a few reasons:

  • • It’s 31” in length, which is plenty long enough for pretty much any job. The straight-edge is great for marking off straight lines if needed.
  • • It has a level in it (duh) to ensure you’re balanced end-to-end, both vertically and horizontally, including an edge with a zero center point to keep things symmetrical.
  • • It has four integral slides move for easy marking. If you have more than one frame to mount, you can keep your points marks for each frame to keep things consistent.
  • • Not only can you use it for picture hanging, but this Rockler Level can be used for installing other hangables like towel bars and shelf brackets.
  • Rockler also offers a lifetime guarantee on this level, which is always great to have, but knowing how Rockler products tend to be of great quality, like the Rockler Branding Iron we reviewed recently, you might not need it.

    The Rockler Picture Hanging Level is available through Amazon for $29.99. The art you put up with it is up to you.

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