No Monkeying Around: Gorilla Tape

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gorilla_tape_lrgLet’s face it, there are some projects you just can’t deal with immediately, but you also can’t let them sit entirely idle or broken either – so, you’ve come up with … other solutions.

Here’s my shameful confession: Shortly before friends were coming over one evening, the little hose connecting the water to our toilet sprang a minor leak. Yay. We rummaged through our box o’ handy things and pulled out some blessed Gorilla Tape. It totally saved the potty and the party in one go. What makes this confession shameful? The Gorilla Tape is still there. And … it’s been … a while.

So, why Gorilla Tape instead of duct tape? For starters, it’s two to three times tougher and stickier, it’s waterproof and the backing is seriously heavy-duty. It doesn’t rip (so scissors are handy when cutting pieces), wraps around all kinds of non-smooth and smooth surfaces and it performs well in a myriad of temperatures. The Gorilla brand is nothing new to us at HomeFixated – we’ve mentioned Gorilla Glue before and this product, like it’s monkey brother, also gets two big thumbs up.

While the heavy-duty nature of Gorilla Tape may give you the feeling like you’ve fixed it and can now forget it, your sense of dignity will hopefully kick in (still waiting for mine) and you’ll get the job done right when you have a chance.

The 2-Inch by 35-Yard Roll of Black Gorilla Tape runs about $12.

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5 thoughts on “No Monkeying Around: Gorilla Tape”

  1. I think Gorilla tape is crap. The adhesive dries out in a year or less. I keep ALL of my tape in a refrigerator and this tape is the only one that becomes unuseable.

    • Thanks for the comment Charles (although we wish you had worded it a bit more diplomatically). I’ve heard of storing batteries and film in the fridge, but never tape. Maybe it’s a technique I’m just not hip to. I also haven’t run into issues with my tapes drying out, including Gorilla tape, but that could be climate / storage related. Maybe your Gorilla just doesn’t like being kept in the fridge?

  2. my first visit to your website. I love it! The Guerilla Tape would be handy in our household…the bungee cords are fine and can accomplish a lot, but they can’t be expected to do every half-axxed job in the house! Thanks for the suggestion. Jeannie

    • I taped a pane of glass over the upper half of my porch storm door this was 8 yrs ago still great also about 5 yr ago taped a cord running from plug in to outside porch light plenty of foot traffic and light rain still holding


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