For Flowers & Other Herbs: Green Thumb Grow Light System

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green_thumb_light_systemThe winter can be a sad time for a gardener. With a blanket of snow covering everything they can only mournfully look out the window and dream of the spring. However, if you have the room or a basement that can spare some – consider getting your green thumb on with some indoor gardening. Here’s a product that can get your planting.

The Green Thumb Grow Light System – available in either a 24” system or 48” model – can provide the right amount of light and heat that seeds, buds and houseplants need to flourish indoors. Each system features a premium-quality fluorescent fixture with a large wing reflector, adjustable anodized aluminum stand and two Fluorescent Plant Grow Tubes (in 24” or 48”). A cute feature of the Green Thumb Grow Light System is that it only needs a light touch at the center of the fixture raise or lower the light to the desired height, allowing you to keep the tubes extra close to the plant canopy.

While gardeners looking to scratch their green itch year-round and people who want to start a nursery safely indoors are the obvious consumers for the Green Thumb Grow Light System, there is yet another demographic that would be into this product. Are you this demographic? Well, when we featured the Cheech and Chong doormat the other month, if you saw it and said anything like “Hey, man, like, I already have that!” in between mouthfuls of Cheetos and Cool Whip – you are that demographic! Congrats! Just don’t get caught, man, ‘cuz that would be a maaaaaaaaajor bummer.

The 24″ Green Thumb Light System and the 48″ Green Thumb Light System are available from Yardiac for $92 and $95 respectively.

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