Senco Fusion Cordless Nitrogen Nailer Spotted

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Our friend Jay over at recently went to the Specialty Tools & Fasteners Distributors Association (STAFDA) 2009 Show. That’s good news for HomeFixated readers, since I was apparently too lazy to hop on a plane and go to the show this year. Thankfully we can all benefit from CopTool’s trade show diligence. While at STAFDA, Jay came across a line of Senco nailers so new, they’re not even on the Senco website yet. In fact, there’s very little mention of them anywhere online.

CopTool captured the video below of a Senco rep giving a run-down on what appears to be a very exciting new product, especially if you’re not into dragging a compressor and air hose with you everywhere. Currently they’ve got 15 and 18 gauge models scheduled to hit the market this first quarter of 2010.

When I first saw them, I assumed the very visible gas cylinder was going to be something that needs to be swapped out or recharged regularly. Apparently that’s not the case. The Fusion nailers use a sealed Nitrogen system that continually uses the same gas (along with a little 18v juice from a rechargeable battery). Very intriguing! Thanks to for the scoop!

The folks over at Tool Hound (run by Taunton press) also apparently did some reconnaissance and dug up a few more details for their article on Fusion nailers too, including estimated pricing around $350-$400 and some additional photos. Stay tuned, we hope to have more details on the Senco Fusion cordless nailers as they develop.

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6 thoughts on “Senco Fusion Cordless Nitrogen Nailer Spotted”

  1. Is the finish nailer the only model available or is Senco planning to make other type of nailer’s available with this technology like a framing nailer or maybe a narrow crown stapler?

    Thanks Joey

  2. When will this nailer be released? Since I found out about this nailer, it has haunted my dreams. I think the Fusion will complete me. I am very serious.

  3. Wow, quite a tool. Very handy for someone like me who attacks small projects a few hours at a time. Setting up the compressor and nailer each time is a pain, especially with sleeping kids in the house…

    Can’t wait for my wife to get upset at me for buying one of these…

    • Thanks for your comment Deren! I agree, the new Nitrogen nailers from Senco sound very promising. Even minus a compressor, I can’t say I recommend any type of nailing with sleeping kids though . . . . don’t risk that hour or two of freedom during nap time! I suggest slipping on some Ninja boots and doing any home improvement in stealth mode.
      We’ll take some of the heat from your wife if she gets mad about the nail gun purchase. Just tell her HomeFixated made you purchase the Fusion nailer, I’m sure that will help! Thanks for reading HomeFixated and we welcome your comments again in the future.


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