Healthy & Handy: Trend Airshield Pro Face Mask

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trend_airshield_maskUnless you’ve been looking for a horrible new way to add fiber into your diet, inhaling wood chips and dust during woodworking projects is highly undesirable. A simple particle respirator mask and protective glasses can help, but for some people and for some projects, they’re just not good enough.

Looking like a blend of a goalie mask, an astronaut’s helmet and the head of one of Sigourney Weaver’s aliens is the Trend Airshield Pro Face Mask. This full face mask not only protects the wearer from bits flying into his or her face, but also provides twin-filtered air that flows into the mask for clean, comfortable breathing throughout the project.

The mask runs off a rechargeable 8-hour removable Ni-MH battery. When fully drained, the battery can be recharged in 14-hours (battery recharger is included). Some other features include:
• a moisture wicking headband
• a flip-up replaceable visor
• lightweight design at only 2.2 lbs.
• kit comes with filters, an airflow indicator and a storage bag

If you’re in the mood to upgrade, the Airshield Pro Face Mask also features attachment points for hearing protection and an audible low battery warning. The hearing protection is probably the best choice to get the full-meal deal on protection.

If you’re not much a of woodworker but do work in areas of high dust, are involved in harvesting or are one of those unfortunate people who appears on the show Hoarders, the Trend Airshield Pro Face Mask, available for $382.00 from McFeely’s, can be a great investment in your health.

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