Guerrilla Gardening – Where James Bond Meets Urban Greenery

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Normally I would write an article and then ask you to watch the video at the end. However, in this case I think you need to see it before you read it. Before you watch the video I just want to throw in my two cents. I think it’s a fantastic idea, beautifying city streets and islands. I know in my home state and probably all others, highway crews cut large medians of grass which could be cleaned up and beautified. I know it may result in some job loss or job restructuring but it seems it would look nicer and draw communities together if they could organize and beautify their public roadways and walkways. 

I also have to say I love the ingenuity of Vanessa Harden. If this is what she designs for her ‘hobby’ I’d love to see what she does professionally. I do have one concern and that’s the Guerrilla part of it. I am interested to know if there are any crackdowns on this kind of thing. It’s a natural tendency that even when good things happen in the ‘dark’ that some big whiner will come along and say that they are offended or allergic, and will call the waa-mbulance and then the Gestapo steps in… I’m just kidding, but with recent reports of kid’s lemonade stands being shut down because of a lack of permit, you have to worry. With that I give you the video.

So in case you missed it in the video: People get together and plant flowers, herbs, and shrubs in public areas that are weedy or grassy. And they do it because they

Group Guerilla Gardening in Glasgow

want nothing to do with asking permission or filing permits. They’re getting their Nike on and just doing it. Again, I love the idea there are tons of places even in our small town that could use this type of treatment. I also have to say it would bring any community together and help them respect and be proud of their neighborhood.  The tools that Vanessa makes for her version of Guerrilla Gardening are really pretty cool. Just think what she could do if she really was creating something for James Bond. Hmmm, maybe she is and this is just the cover story.

In case you were wondering, guerrilla gardening is not just for the Londoners. There are groups all around the world. If you go to the official guerrilla gardening site (although if you have a site promoting your guerrilla activities how guerrilla is it???) you can check out the community sites for your state or city. And perhaps if you spend some time you can make an umbrella that shoots pea pods or zinnia seeds into the ground too!

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