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homehacks-icon-highDeep in an undisclosed, carefully guarded third-world bunker, HomeFixated minions have been toiling away at a project so secret, only dozens of people knew it existed. Those that did know of this shadowy project were given only fragmented details, ensuring no single person could put together the intricate puzzle pieces. This top secret project had the potential to topple powerful governments and end human existence as we know it – but mostly it will just teach you cool stuff and make you laugh. So what is this ultra secret Home Fixated project?

Allow me to officially welcome two sister sites into the world; HomeHacks.com and HomeFail.com! These two sites were conceived as we realized there was some content that didn’t quite fit HomeFixated, but still needed to see the light of day. In the case of HomeHacks.com, you’ll find a site chock-full of clever tips and tricks. For HomeFail.com, you’ll find a photo and video compendium of what not to do when it comes to construction and home improvement.



Every home and just about every activity in the home can be filled with challenges, inefficiencies and problems. The goal of Home Hacks is to share the most clever tips and tricks around, in categories such as cleaning, construction, organization, cooking, and, of course, tools. From eco-minded repurposing of everyday products, to clever tweaks to existing tools, ingenuity is the name of the game at Home Hacks. Almost all the featured photo content is designed to be simple enough to convey with a single photo and a sentence or two. Video ideas are similarly pithy, but chock full with cleverness and esoteric knowledge tough to find elsewhere. Subscribe to the Home Hacks weekly newsletter in the upper right of the site, and you’ll never miss a single valuable tip or trick. Follow the site and expect to become a MacGyver-like repository of awesome hacks to handle just about any situation.

Sample Hack - Put rollers or brushes in a bag inside your fridge to keep them fresh during an extended painting break.
Sample Hack – Put rollers or brushes in a bad inside your fridge to keep them fresh during an extended painting break.



Unless you’ve been fortunate enough to buy a brand new, flawlessly-constructed home, chances are you’ve seen a few examples of sketchy construction techniques. We found ourselves so inherently fascinated and amused by some of these examples (in our own home and elsewhere) that we had to put them all together in a one-stop shop. HomeFail is the stuff that OSHA and home inspectors’ nightmares are made of. It features Death-defying, perilous acts of construction along with “craftmanshit” (we may need to trademark that) that make you wonder “how drunk was that carpenter?”. The site is also dedicated to the thousands of amateur DIY’ers that, frankly, shouldn’t be let anywhere near a paint brush, roll of duct tape, or, god forbid, a hammer. Whether you’re a homeowner or a tradesman/woman, you’ll find endless hilarity with the antics featured on the site.

To give you a taste, here’s a post we titled “Tight Shorts Does Not Equal Tight Construction” –


Home Hacks and Home Fail Need YOU!

Running HomeFixated has taught us several things, number one of which is running a site generating unique, semi-well-written and hopefully useful and entertaining content is NOT easy! That’s our lazy butts are looking to crowdsource the work and have you do all the not-so-heavy lifting. Just about everyone has a clever tip or trick they picked up from a wise relative or fortune cookie. If you do, take a quick photo, or point us to a video online and send us a sentence or two detailing the hack to share it with the universe. You’ll find a handy, super-easy to use form to Submit your content to Home Hacks. Not surprisingly, we have a similar setup for Home Fail. If your own house has hilarious examples of poorly executed construction, snap a pic (or video) and send it on over via the HomeFail.com Submit page. Keep that camera phone handy for examples you might find outside your home or on the job too.

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Lastly, we need your help spreading the word to family, friends and random people on the street (seriously, they’ll love you for it). You can find links to like and follow via Facebook and Twitter on the right side of both sites, along with a simple form to subscribe to weekly updates on the latest content via email. You can also vote for and comment on posts directly from the sites. Thanks for checking them out and helping spread the word! You can visit both sites here:


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Marc grew up under a brave single mom who "encouraged" home improvement on the family home. Early toddler gifts included a tool set, and even a cordless Bosch drill when cordless drills first came out. In grade school (give or take a few years), Marc's mom said, "We need to cut down some trees. . . . here's a chainsaw." A father figure also involved Marc in many home improvement projects, including a summer of home remodeling in Palo Alto, CA. Toss in some Obsessive Compulsive personality traits researching everything home improvement related. The end result: a genetically pre-disposed, socially sculpted home improvement machine! For his complete profile, please visit our About page. Really, it's worth it.

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4 thoughts on “HomeHacks.com and HomeFail.com Launch”

  1. oh no!! say it ain’t so!! you gettin’ serious about this stuff now?? what happened to the logo “Where DIY meets LOL”?? jeez, a little fame sure goes a long way around here. should we be expecting articles on installing wider doors in a home or maybe a hat stretching technique…
    and; can we please add hotlinks to the new sites at the top of homefixated.com?? my icon bar is crowded and yes i am a lazy butt!
    PS. a question about posting the bad construction on our own homes… these will be anonymous right? i won’t be seeing an inspector show up or maybe some bad postings on a real estate listing will i? sadly i do have photos and they are quite unbelievable.

    • Thanks Bill! Don’t worry, we’ll still retain our snarky tone, despite the loss of our previous tag line. And, some sort of links to the other sites will find their way onto homefixated soon. Lastly, you can definitely post to HomeFail.com anonymously. . . so start sending in the evidence! : )


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