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Call me cynical, but for most people holiday gift giving isn’t so much about generosity. Instead, it’s about cleverly getting your loved ones to do stuff for you that you hate to do. The technique for this is no secret: you buy them tools or appliances that they’ll then feel compelled to use in a way that benefits you. Sneaky, huh? Want a new roof? Get your sweetie a fall protection kit. Need more beer? Get that Kegerator you, errr, I mean they have always wanted. You get the idea, and don’t pretend you’ve never done it, ok? Even with devious schemes where self interest trumps generosity, gift giving can be tough. Fear not, HomeFixated has compiled a list of some great products sure to appeal to almost any remotely-handy person you want to do work for you. From stocking-stuffers to power tools, we’ve got you covered.

NailJack Tools:
One of our favorite little tool finds in 2010 has been the NailJack line of nail and staple removal tools. At this year’s National Hardware Show, we stumbled (literally? It was in Vegas) by the Nail Jack booth. What we found intrigued us enough to review a trifecta of NailJack tools. Whether you’re looking to tweeze out staples, or pry out massive framing nails, we’ve found NailJack to be our go-to tools for fastener removal.

Fastcap Pocket Chisels:
We reviewed the Fastcap Pocket Chisel some time ago, and found it to be a handy tool to have in your toolbelt or pocket. The folding design keeps your blade sharp, and helps you avoid impaling your butt with a chisel just floating around in your pocket or belt. You can find an assortment of Fastcap Pocket Chisels on Amazon, with individual chisels for about $17-$29, or a mega kit of all their sizes for just under $100. Also available direct from Fastcap. No one likes to be impaled, so check them out.

Bosch PS-31 Drill:
We’ve been tinkering around with one of these that Bosch sent us several months ago and really like this form factor. We don’t recommend it if you’re typically drilling with large 3/4″ and up spade bits on a regular basis, but for all the more common drilling and driving tasks around the house, we think it’s great. Bosch added a fuel gauge so you can avoid the embarrassment of the tool grinding to a halt as your unimpressed inlaws watch you trying to assemble a holiday gift. It also has a nice LED to keep things illuminated. And two speeds make it quite versatile. Plus, we liked it’s chucked bit holder and more traditional shape over the boxier PS-21. Most of all, it’s small form factor combined with very respectable power means it’s easy to keep close at hand.
The Bosch PS31-2A 12-Volt Max 3/8-Inch Drill/Driver is on sale for around $130 via our sponsor Ohio Power Tool.

Milwaukee Fastback Utility Knife:
For a perfect stocking stuffer (assuming no small children are present), consider the Milwaukee Fastback Utility Knife. We waxed poetic in our Fastback Utility Knife review, and were only able to come up with one minor shortcoming (you’ll have to read the review, but the shortcoming was minor). All in all, we can’t get enough of this utility knife’s great ergonomics and functionality. It’s by far our favorite utility knife right now. The Milwaukee Fastback Utility Knife is just $13,

New 5780 SkilSaw:
Skil 5780Now equipped with 15 amps of power, the 5780 SKILSAW has even more features that are ideal for the advanced DIYer.  Like a light saber battle in the palm of your hand, the 5780 SKILSAW features a unique LaserX2™ 2-Beam Laser Guide which provides cut line tracking for accurate cuts. A wider foot plate provides additional stability and comfort for Eggnog-laden users.  For added safety, the 5780 features a power-on indicator, something we haven’t seen in a tool like this, ever.  A 24-tooth carbide blade, blade wrench and carrying bag are also included with the saw. Available at most Lowes for a very thrifty $80.

The SkatePlate:
Speaking of circular saws, here is something even a seasoned pro with a trusty Wormdrive SKIL HD 77, SKIL MAG 77, and BOSCH 1677MD might love. The SkatePlate’s two polyurathane rollers put your saw on a rolling track, making straight and smooth cuts more feasible than ever. Stainless steel shielded bearings ensure minimal friction during the cutting process. And Woodman Tools promises the fiber enriched plate will never bend! Check out our SkatePlate review, and you might find yourself adding the $70 SkatePlate to your holiday tool shopping list.

Rockler Bench Cookies & Bonus Mug:
This combo pack of four Bench Cookie™ Work Grippers and a unique hammer-handled 20 oz. glass mug appears to be the quintessential holiday gift package! If you’re as lazy as we are, you’ll be thrilled the glass mug is dishwasher safe. And, there’s no need to wrap, an attractive gift box included! A set of Rockler Bench Cookies & Mug will set you back a paltry $20. Or you can order just the Bench Cookies, or the Bench Cookies with a sexy storage rack.

Little Giant Select Step Ladder:
A ladder doesn’t sound like much of a gift, but Little Giant seems to have a way of turning a mundane implement into an immensely handy tool with innovative features. The Select Step is no exception, it slices, it dices. . . well actually it doesn’t slice and dice, but it does do a lot of other nifty things for a ladder. From extendable legs enabling use on stairs, to the plush platform in lieu of one of the rungs, this ladder is sweet! Check out our full review of the Little Giant Select Step, and you’ll see why we think many handy people would love to find this under their tree (and then they could use it to remove the ornaments shortly thereafter).

Need a place to buy tools and other holiday gifts this holiday season? Check out a few of our sponsors:

Rockler, where they always have an abundant supply of gift-worthy items.

You can get free domestic ground shipping on select tool orders over $99 and under 70 lbs from our sponsor Ohio Power Tool using the coupon code “HOLIDAYS”, through Dec. 31.

Fastcap always has some clever tool invention that might be just what your hard-to-shop-for loved one needs.

Amazon also has some great “CyberWeek” deals.

Now get shopping for that gift you’ve always wanted your loved one to have (and use for your benefit)! And, if you’ve been naughty, we say good for you. . . go ahead and buy yourself a tool treat too.

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