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Every once in awhile, something comes to my attention that doesn’t benefit me directly.  So, every once in awhile I feel it’s worthwhile to give a bit of a shout-out to people doing good things.  Such is the case with a local non-profit that is in my area.  Home Resource is something that I didn’t discover until I had been building in the Missoula area for a couple of years.  I simply hadn’t heard of anything like it–and it seems like a pretty good idea.

Home Resource was the place to call when we were on a significant demo project.  Mostly–it seemed like a really convenient way of getting a lot of crap hauled off our site.  Okay…so it was a bit of that too–but what I failed to see while building for people whose means are quite above mine–was that a place like Home Resource isn’t only an environmentally responsible idea, it also helps those in need.  Without going overboard with my ideas for world-wide socialism, pink bunny rabbits and overall peace on Earth–I think it’s fair to say that most people don’t think of homeowners as typically representing those in need.  Turns out that people that own homes happen to struggle to make ends meet from time to time a lot.  A lot of those people have less home improvement–and more dire need for home maintenance.  That’s where Home Resource fits in in a few ways.

I’ve never been to a bazaar, but I have been to the Missoula Farmer’s Market and it can be…well…bizarre.  (Slap me now, it’s early and my sense of humor is still buried at the bottom of my pot of coffee).  You literally never know what you’re going to find there, or spend 25 bucks on.  Yep.  I bought this.  It’s a piece of plywood.  I do not know for certain–but I am guessing the artist shops at Home Resource.  I am not even sure why we were there, as when Saturday morning rolls around and my wife suspiciously asks me if I would “like to get some coffee” I usually feign my re-occurring bout of ebola, and stay in bed.  She loves going there–and so far I’ve been able to keep her away from Home Resource.

I’ve been through Home Resource a few times–mostly dropped off materials that we were donating.  Doors, wood, stairs, newel posts, tools, hardware, goofy old-ass light fixtures–you name it,  They probably have it.  It’s cheap, it’s recycled, and in a lot of cases:  probably a totally unique thing.  It’s fantastic.  The price is right as well.  It’s what I would imagine the hardware store to be like at Hogwart’s.

Another project that Home Resource is working on–is the ReVAMP shop.  The idea behind it is to come up with an area that people can learn rudimentary wood working skills, have access to tools, and refine their craft.  Shop space isn’t cheap.  Tools aren’t either.  The idea that people can come to Home Resource and work on developing a viable skill is pretty cool.  There is also assistance available for class fees, membership, and monthly dues.  In checking out the Adult Education brochure for the Zoo Town area–they have quite a few classes available ranging from shop and shop tool basics to more advanced wood working classes.

SponCon looks pretty awesome too.  I’ve never even heard of this.  Music, food, building, and libations.  That could probably be my life’s motto.  I’m not even sure what I would build–but more than likely–something that I could do some power tool drag racing with.

On second thought–maybe the idea of maiming the Home Resource workers isn’t the best idea…they seem to be doing a bit of good.  Let’s hear your areas “RE-source” stories.  What is out there that is like this?  Seems that we ought to do a little good from time to time–so giving these guys a shout out seems to be the least I could do.

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