Room Décor Ideas for Girls from PB Teen

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Ages ago we mentioned that if you’re the proud parent of a young girl, a mini chandelier for her bedroom would be a near-guaranteed way to put a smile on her face. If you need more ways to buy her love spruce up her room, look no further than PB Teen.

The “PB” in PB Teen is for Pottery Barn, which we know is not for everyone. Their offerings can sometimes exceed one’s budget, especially if you’re the type who figures they can find something similar at a flea market (anyone remember where this was brought up in an episode of Friends?). That said, we’re showing you a few PB Teen offerings anyway as 1) They have some really neat stuff that many a kid and teen would love; 2) A number of our readers are the DIY type and can do miracles with their tools once inspired and; 3) I just spent an hour cruising their site and I need a reason to justify why I did that.

First up are the Color Burst Finials.  These sweet as candy curtain rod caps are available in pink, green, blue and clear and provide a nice finishing touch to your window treatments. The flat acrylic beads are wired together to create a hydrangea-like puff of color at the ends of your curtain rods. If you’re crafty, these would be a cinch to make. If you’re not, a set of two will set you back $25.

Next is a clever idea that’s easily copied for less – the Hang-A-Round Mirror.  This is simply a 28” diameter round mirror in a wood frame that features hanging knobs for things like jewellery, scarves, sunglasses, keychains or lightweight purses. We’re convinced that instead of paying the $159.00 price tag, a HomeFixated mom or dad can pull this together themselves, using an existing mirror or creating it from scratch.

The last item up is both unisex and easy to make – but also quite affordable if you don’t want to bother. The Display-It Rails + Wall Organizer is a simple and sharp way to keep your boy or girl’s room organized. Simply install the 32” knobbed peg rail and select the fabric wall organizers you’d like (there are a few different options available on the site). If you want to do a custom job, you really just need a strip of wood, pegs or hooks, canvas fabric and grommets. Basic sewing skills come in handy too, but we bet some of these can even just be glued together if you don’t plan to shove anything too heavy in them. On PB Teen, they’re available in Pink or Blue. The rail will set you back $25 and the canvas organizers start at just $5 and go up to $19 for the largest option.

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