Hook-Tight – Like Tiny Yellow Helping Hands For Your Tie Downs

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Like most truck owners, it seems like I’m constantly hauling something. Sometimes it’s lumber, flooring, construction debris, gravel, or other not-very-fun stuff, and sometimes it’s kayaks, coolers full of icy deliciousness, or my old motorcycle. Whatever I’m hauling, generally I’m happier if everything I started out with is still there when I reach my destination. My large assortment of bungee cords and ratcheting tie-down straps helps me accomplish that, but they can be kind of a pain in the neck to get hooked up, especially the straps. The recent arrival of a little package of yellow rubber things from Hook-Tight just made the process a whole lot easier, and safer. If you like to keep your loads where they belong, (in the back of your truck or trailer), you’ll want to check out this Hook-Tight review!

Yes, I’d like my bike to still be there when I stop…

It seems like most times I have something to haul, everybody has disappeared, ostensibly to do more important things. (The exception, not surprisingly, is when the coolers are involved). The trickiest part of securing a load by myself comes after hooking the end of the tie-down strap to the bracket in the truck bed. To get the other end of the strap to the other side of the truck, I can either toss it over the top of the load into the general vicinity of the opposite tie-down bracket, or try to keep tension on it, get it up over the top of the load, and walk it around the back end of the truck. Both methods offer about a 50% success rate, where success is defined as the first hook not falling off the bracket, or getting caught on something, before I reach the other side.

Getting the hook in is the easy part…
Now get it to the other side!

The Hook-Tight Hooks You Up

Enter the Hook-Tight. As my mother always used to say (not in reference to me, at least I don’t think so), sometimes the simple things are best, and the Hook-Tight is one of those simple things that make you exclaim “Why didn’t I think of that?!” Basically, the Hook-Tight is just a piece of strong, UV-stabilized rubber, with a couple of holes in it at the proper strategic locations. It fits over the end of your tie-down strap or bungee cord to keep it in place, both when you’re securing your load and when you’re cruising from point A to point B, or even all the way to point C.

Four easy pieces…

To attach the Hook-Tight, just slide one end of it over the hook on your strap, insert the hook into your tie-down point, and stretch the end of the Hook-Tight over the end of the hook. The hook will stay attached and wait while you saunter over to the other side of your vehicle. You can even take a bathroom break on the way, it won’t care. The Hook-Tight will also keep the hook from falling off your tie-down point while you’re in transit, even if the strap ends up with some slack in it due to bumpy roads, wind, or the load shifting (not that YOUR load would ever shift!).

Slide the hook into the hole…
Hook onto your tie-down point, and slip the hook into the other hole.

Whether you’re hauling loads of lumber to build a pergola, hauling someone else’s demo’d project to the dump, or schlepping your motorcycle, ATV or kayak to your happy place, the Hook-Tight will keep the hooks of your tie downs and bungee cord secured onto the tie-down point during travel. It’s a simple product, it works great, and it’s Made in the U.S.A.

Whether it’s a load of junk…
Your hawg…
Or something to start your bonfire, the Hook-Tight will help secure it.

The Hook-Tight is available in a package of four for under $4. They’re only available online at the moment, but they’ll ship them to the store for free, or you can get free home delivery with a $45 order. You might also check eBay; as of today, one seller had the four-pack for $4.95, or five four-packs for $21.95, with free shipping on either option. Get some! They’re great for when you need a hand, even if it’s just a tiny yellow rubber one.

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