200 And 300 Lumen Husky LED Lights – Giving The Dark A Stern Talking To

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Husky 200 and 300 lumen LED lights.

What's This?This post is sponsored by The Home Depot. Recently, I learned that something called “morning” comes and goes every single day – while I’m sound asleep. I was bestowed this secret knowledge by a creature known as a “morning person.” My own life, however, consists largely of late afternoons and bumbling around in the dark. When we received these LED lights, I thought to myself, “Hey, I wouldn’t mind seeing where I’m going and what I’m doing!” With my newfound vision – and a lifetime, no questions, no receipt warranty – Husky LED lights are looking like a really bright idea!

Shining Some Light On The Situation – Husky LED Lights

Husky LED lights
200 – 300 lumen LED light offerings from Husky.

First of all, these are far from the brightest Husky LED lights offered. Their full lineup includes some that are well over an order of magnitude brighter – such as this 7,000 lumen work light – the selection spans quite a range.

Power up
The lights all came with fresh, quality batteries. That’s worth a few bucks right there.

Today, we’re evaluating a magnetic clip light, a magnetic hook light and a dual beam headlight. They all have some useful features and – unlike “regular” flashlights – there are no bulbs to ever need replacing. They’re also plenty bright for most tasks (if you need extra bright work lights, consider one of the bigger models).

Compared to the pocket LED lights I’ve tried, these put out a lot more light over a much larger area. They’re bright enough that a momentary glance at the LEDs gives you that burn-in effect where you see the light – for the next minute or two – every time you close your eyes or blink. So, don’t stare at them!

200 Lumen Magnetic Clip Husky LED Light

Husky 200 lumen clip LED light
The clip light outputs 200 lumens of photonic excitation.

Husky Magnetic Clip Light Features

* A tab for hanging from nails, screws and other tab hanging things.
* Adjustable stand for standing on things.
* Magnets for sticking to metal, magnet-able things.
* Clip for attaching to your pocket, tool bag strap or other clip-able things.
* High and low illumination settings for throwing different brightnesses upon things.

Magnets and a clip.
Two magnets and a clip.
Animal magnetism.
A pair of strong magnets on the back let you stick it to a tool box, refrigerator or other ferromagnetic surface.

I really like the shape, size and feel of the clip light; it’s like a thick cell phone or calculator. The design of the reflector made me think it was going to project sort of a rectangular cone of light. But it actually has the same wide circular pattern as the round hook light, which we’ll look at next.

Standing at attention.
This stirs nostalgia for my years of digital multimeters at the electronics bench.

The adjustable prop clicks in to any of about four positions, allowing you to stand it vertically or horizontally.

Side gig.
The Husky 200 lumen magnetic clip light stands nicely on edge.
Hanging the Husky clip light.
There is also a tab to hang it from a nail or screw.

There’s only one thing I didn’t love about the LED clip light: power button placement. It’s easy to get to, yes. But remember my earlier comment about looking into the bright light? Well, the location of the button had me looking right into the light and blinding myself as I turned it on the first several times. And again when I go to turn it off. Other than that, I really like this unit.

Pocket clip.
Or use the clip and keep it on your person.

I did my best to adjust the camera so it accurately conveys the light’s brightness in my otherwise pitch black shop. The following pictures are pretty close to how it looks in real life. I’m about 22 feet from the far wall. Now where did I put that cold beverage? Ahh, there it is!

Husky on high.
This is the clip light on “high”.
Husky LED light on low.
And here’s the “low” setting.

200 Lumen Magnetic Hook Husky LED Lights

Husky 200 lumen magnetic hook light.
The plastic hook swivels 360° and pivots.

Husky Magnetic Hook LED Light Features

* Swiveling hook for hanging from hook-able things.
* 2 magnets for sticking to stick-able things.
* High and low illumination settings to reflect your mood.

Husky hidey hook.
The hook tucks away when not in use.

To my eye, this round hook light has virtually the exact same output pattern and brightness distribution as the rectangular clip light: round, wide and plenty bright for most needs. And like the clip light, it too has two brightness settings.

Hook as a stand.
The hook can be used as a stand.
Husky is stuck on you.
Magnets keep the 200 lumen LED hook light in place.

The hook light (or clip light) would be a great backup for when the power goes out. Or for working under the hood of a car at night.

Power/brightness switch.
Press the button once for high power. A second time for low.
Husky, hanging around.
The built-in, swiveling hook lets you hang it where you need it.
Arc reactor, is that you?
Am I wrong to suspect this was secretly produced by Stark Industries?

300 Lumen LED Dual Beam Headlight Husky LED Lights – High Brow Brilliance

300 lumen LED headlight.
Brighten your brow with the Husky 300 lumen LED headlight. Photo: HomeDepot.com

Husky Dual Beam LED Headlight Features

* Brightest of the three LED lights we tested.
* Selectable beams: focused spot, wide cast or both.
* Flashing red lights mode and rear reflective strips for safety while walking or biking at night.
* Adjustable head strap keeps it perched upon your noggin’.
* “Virtually unbreakable” is how it’s billed.

Shines wherever you look.
The headlight fits comfortably for hands-free usage that’s always aimed in the right direction.

At night, when I walk back and forth between the house and my shop – which is in my backyard – I carry a flashlight. I don’t enjoy falling down steps or pawing around blindly trying to unlock doors; it’s just not my thing.

Husky headlight.
The box with the red retro-reflective stickers goes on the back of your head. It’s also where you put the batteries.

Truthfully, I never thought I’d use a head-mounted light (I always saw them as kind of dorky). Well, my mind changed when I had these three Husky LED lights, a large and a small camera bag, a cold beer and a few other things to haul out to the shop. It was going to be a typical two-tripper.

Tilt peering.
Tilt peering. The body of the headlight tilts downward as needed.

But then I realized I was holding the solution right there in my hand: the Husky 300 lumen LED headlight! I put it on and – just like that – I had both hands free to carry things! Imagine that; it makes life easier. Obvious, I know. But just how nice it is to go hands free is best appreciated by trying it for yourself. I’ve already used it several more times since then, and about to again right now. Hold that thought…

And I’m back. No longer shall I throw shade on headlights; I totally get it now!

Husky 300 lumen headlight.
The 300 lumen headlight is small, but mighty.

Be careful about wadding the headlight up and stuffing it into a bag. The very first time I did that, a weird fluke somehow got the straps and wire looking like the mid stages of one of those three-strand braided bracelets that are cut from a single piece of leather. It was a brain teaser, but I finally got it untangled.

Maybe it would have been quicker to just pull the strap through, untangle it then re-threaded it. I’ve tried to make it happen again and it hasn’t yet.

Adjustable strap.
The headlight has a soft, easily-adjustable elastic strap.
Flashing red lights.
You can either select regular white light or this red flashing mode.
Full power mode.
Press the main switch once to activate both white LED modules.
Spot light.
Press again to run only the focused center beam.

I like the LED headlight; it’s comfortable to wear and works well. The switches took a little getting used to. But now that I’ve learned their positions by feel, I can operate them with no problem – almost every time.

Wide illumination.
A third press switches to the wider light, which is about as bright as the other two lights’ low power modes.
Spot light only mode.
This is spotlight mode (center beam only).

Illuminating – Husky LED Lights

Husky LED lights.
200 and 300 lumen LED lights by Husky.

All three Husky LED lights are solidly built, run cool to the touch and have durable plastic lens to protect the LED modules. They output fairly high color temperature white light. The headlight’s wide element is a tad more orange-ish than the others. But unless you directly compare them to each other, you’ll probably never notice.

The clip and hook lights both have rubber over-molds that add grip and provide protection if they take a fall. Battery changes are easy: the clip light requires a #1 Phillips driver; the other two are tool-less.

Don’t Be Left In The Dark

How much is that doggie on the shop wall? (This is the headlight.)

All three lights performed rather well and have “mounting” options that make them convenient and easy to use. And the deal is sweetened by the included name brand alkaline batteries and a lifetime no questions asked, no receipt required warranty; all at bargain pricing. With all the positives, you can’t go wrong with any of these Husky LED lights.

Buy the 200 lumen magnetic clip LED light for just under $10:

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Buy the 200 lumen magnetic hook LED light for just under $10:

Buy Now - via Home Depot

Buy the 300 Lumen headlight:

Buy Now - via The Home Depot

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