Picture Me Rolling! Husky Pro Grade Rolling Tote Review

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What's This?This post is sponsored by The Home Depot. A common problem for any DIYer is the issue of storage. I say to myself fairly often on any given day in the garage, “Where did I put that [tool/glue/clamp/brain cell]?” So when Home Depot sent us the Husky Pro Grade Rolling Tote to review, I immediately started imagining all the tool storage and portability options.

Thankfully, the Husky Rolling Tote did not disappoint. This tote is beefy but manageable – a gentle giant, if you will.

Husky rolling tote package
Just a normal sized tote, right? Looks can be deceiving!

Husky Rolling Tote – The Spec’s from HomeDepot.com

The Husky 22 in. Pro Grade Rolling Tote [Model # GP-44449N13] features a heavy-duty telescoping handle and three rugged, steel-reinforced wheels for greater mobility. A fold-over rain flap and waterproof zipper help to keep water out of the main compartment, while the tote’s weather-resistant material offers additional all-around protection. With heavy-duty carrying handles, 38 storage pockets and four heavy-duty tape measure/pouch clips, this unit is built to handle all your storage needs on the job.

• 1680-denier, heavy-duty, water-resistant material protects your contents
• 150 lb. weight capacity supports a wide range of tools and accessories
• 38 storage pockets keep all your items organized
• Reinforced tool wall provides flexible storage options
• Measures 22 in. L x 12 in. W x 15 in. H
• Backed by 5-year limited warranty
• Tools and accessories not included

Husky Rolling Tote vs The Elements

The first feature you meet is the heavy duty waterproof material. The rain flap and waterproof zipper are very nice extras that really appeal to me. The waterproof features will come in handy to protect the inside contents from liquids — both from rain and the occasional garage coffee spill (whoops!). The flap stays fully open or fully closed, depending on what you need.

Husky rolling tote rain flap
Flip the flap.

I plan to use this tote my main DIY tool storage for now, and we are prone to unexpected downpours here in H-Town. I love that I can keep this outside around the house with me while I’m working, without having to worry about running everything back inside when the raindrops start.

The zipper is large, super smooth, and can easily be undone with one hand. The two zippers come together to accommodate a lock if you are traveling with your tools. In a pinch, this would also be a durable, easy-to-see piece of luggage. (Moms: always thinking outside the box!)

Husky rolling tote zippers
Zip it!

Husky Pro Grade Rolling Tote in Action

I like that pulling on just one side of the top opens both sides. You don’t have to fumble with opening the top fully – it is a one-handed operation.

Husky rolling tote opening top
Open one-handed from any side or corner. Brill!

The “tote” name doesn’t do it justice when looking at the storage possibilities. It’s practically cavernous!

Husky rolling tote ready for tools
Look how tiny that silica packet looks! I think I might have heard an echo it is so deep. Hello-ello-ello-ello!

I took this tote all over the house and garage, and it stayed steady on the three solid wheels. I love that these wheels feel like they can take anything and not come close to fumbling. I even let the kids have a few minutes with it, and it rolled smoothly in their awkward little hands without flipping.

Husky rolling tote wheels
Here, a “third wheel” is a good thing!

The telescoping handle is smooth and feels well-made, and extends to 41″ for all you tall-ies. And it has several other height stops along the way for you medium-ies like me.

Husky rolling tote handle
Ready to roll!!

The actual handle as well as the button are solid and smooth. The handle does rack a tiny bit from side-to-side when fully extended. That is probably to be expected due to the tall height.

Husky rolling tote review handle
Telescoping handle is solid.

When they say “heavy duty,” they really mean it. This bag is TOUGH, and the 1680-denier fabric feels like it will last for years to come. (Today I learned that denier is a measurement for fabric. The higher denier the better, and 1680 is high. This tote also teaches you stuff!)

What I like best is that “heavy duty” doesn’t mean plain ol’ heavy. When rolling this bag fully loaded, it feels light as a feather in my delicate, dainty, model-like hands.

tote in action
The struggle is … nonexistent. Fully loaded and light as a feather!

Side note – My 4-year-old snapped that pic. I can literally say a preschooler is a better photographer than me. 🙁

Okay, back to the tote. The thoughtful storage options are plentiful, and even my aforementioned 4-year-old was impressed with the built-in storage feature for tape measures or anything with a belt clip hook.

Husky rolling tote hooks
His words: “That measuring tape can live there?!”

There are two more hooks inside. Underneath each hook are pockets that would be great for folders, manuals, receipts, and other paperwork. For pro’s these could be used for invoices, estimates, etc. If you don’t need paper storage, they can hold slim tools and containers.

Husky rolling tote review inside hooks
Two hooks and more pockets. Smart!

I was able to fit all of my everyday tools in there, with room to spare for all the extras – glue, speed square, levels, whatever your DIY heart desires.

Husky rolling tote Storage
Tools and stuff galore!

We have a summer trip coming up, and this Husky tote will be coming with me. It will be great for keeping all my tools organized and portable while working on that never-ending list of home repairs. (And siblings’ home repairs. And friends’ home repairs. And so on, and so on …)

The 150 lb. capacity means I could tote three of my kids and still have some weight capacity left over! (NOTE: Please don’t tote your kids. Or mine. Or anyone’s. Just don’t tote kids, okay?)

The tote does get HEAVY when fully loaded, so take note when putting it into your vehicle. The carrying handles are padded and reinforced, so comfort and durability are on your side.

Husky rolling tote review handles
Comfortable, reinforced handles.

If you need a home or jobsite tool box, this rolling tote would be a great option for you. The weight capacity, the back-saving rolling ability on three beefy wheels, and plethora of storage options will leave you running back into the garage looking for more things to throw at it. (Not literally. I recommend placing tools IN, not throwing AT.)

Husky rolling tote review contents
Just when I thought I was at capacity, I was able to add more!

One drawback for me was that the inside pockets were a little small for my needs. Since I won’t be traveling with a lot of small tools, I didn’t need so many small pockets. But there were several black elastic loops at the bottom row that stretch to fit tools and containers of all sizes.

husky rolling tote review elastics
The elastics at the bottom can hold glue bottles, spare batteries, and lots of other size items.

I also wish the two zippered, mesh pockets at the top of the flaps were larger so they could hold safety glasses and other bulkier things you’d like to reach quickly and often. The two pockets are equal in size and good for a cell phone, earbuds, keys, business cards, personal items, etc.

husky rolling tote review Mesh pockets
The two mesh pockets (one on each side) can fit small personal items, like phones, earbuds, and love notes.

The Husky Pro Grade Rolling Tote is durable, spacious, and well-made. It will withstand your garage or jobsite with denier (remember that word?!) to spare. Available at The Home Depot for around $99:

Buy Now - via Home Depot

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