It IS Your Grandma’s Mower: Scotts Classic Push Mower

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scotts-2000-20-20-inch-push-reel-lawn-mowerAs people look for more ways to get green and save money, some eyes point toward the past. Way past. We’re talking Amish. Turns out everyday people have turned to this old school tool for their lawn care needs. Here are some of the reasons: The obvious, no electricity or gas needed. Just pure man (or woman) power, baby. This also means no fumes – just the sweet, sweet smell of freshly cut grass, and possibly body odor. Are you one of those crazies who like to dive into lawn care really early in the morning or late at night? Providing you’re pushing a well-oiled machine (literally), this lawn mower won’t make a sound. You can get your mow on at 2am without the neighbors freaking out on you. It’s super compact, the Scotts Classic Push Mower can be kept in a shed or storage closet without taking up a lot of real estate, giving you that much more room to store all that other crap you keep in there. At 20” wide, the coverage is pretty decent and you can make short work of this chore. The blades can be adjusted so that you can choose among nine different grass heights should you be OCD about that kind of thing. One thing to note about this tool is that unless you purchase a catcher bag, you’re left with little blades of grass peppered all over your yard. Like beard stubble left in the sink, you gotta clean that shizz up (a rake will do fine – for the lawn, not the sink). Alternatively, some people leave the goodies in place for composting (again, for the lawn, not the sink). If you’re ready to get down with your green / cheap / compact / Amish self, the Scotts 2000-20 20-Inch Classic Push Reel Lawn Mower can be found at for a mere $103 – a price that includes a 2-yr warranty.

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