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When you call yourself: The (Blank) Company…it’s probably a good bet that the blank is all you do–and you do it well.  Probably why Knipex makes such good pliers.  I don’t normally get fired up over hand tools–but I can’t resist a well-made and solid one.  Granted, it doesn’t have the capability to saw my house down to the foundation in one fell swoop–but I can get past that when we’re talking quality.

Knipex are made in Germany, and besides the obvious in German Engineering:  Claudia Schiffer and Heidi Klum were also both made in Germany.   For this, I have–and will continue to give the Germans high marks for the things they produce, and Knipex brand pliers are no exception.

Using your standard vise-grip type pliers has pretty much been my usual experience.  What is irritating and happens more than I care to admit is that the adjustment–while great–is prone to slipping.  Trying to grab a bolt or nut with a pair of vise-pliers that don’t stay where they ought to is annoying at best…and can lead to bloody knuckles at worst–and not the sweet kids torture game.  Not so with the Knipex.  The locking mechanism is a push button on the side–keeping your adjustment locked in place.  No need to worry about the tool slipping.

I’ve been told before that you “get what you pay for” and that is certainly true in this case.  Knipex is a well-known company, and they make quality tools.  While the $42 dollar or so price tag on these pliers may seem a little steep–you most likely wouldn’ t need to buy another pair.  Ever.  5 stars on Amazon doesn’t hurt either.

When working full-time in framing–my tool bags were parsed down to include the minimum amount of tools I could carry, and still get the job done.  Trying to be efficient, while at the same time not having to make numerous runs to the truck for tools was something I eventually got down to an art.  One of the tools I carried was an adjustable wrench.  It was just something that came in handy for numerous small projects, and just getting the job done.  It rings true in DIY projects as well.  The right tool saves time–and not lugging around multiple sized wrenches when one adjustable wrench will do the job saves time–and money.

You can find the Knipex 7-Inch Pliers Wrench for a little over $40 online.

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