The Snake Rake Has Got Your Back

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I have to hand it to the inventor of the Snake Rake – he’s braver than most. I don’t think many men have the cajones to jump out of a truck, walk onto a stranger’s property and ask another dude if he wants to hold his snake (rake). In some areas of the country, I imagine that’s a sure-fire way of getting a shot gun pulled on your butt, or worse!

Thankfully for the maker of Snake Rake, the people he encountered weren’t the type to take offence (although a few looked a bit timid) and willingly went along with the demonstration of this new ergonomic rake. This guerilla raking made for a good promo video too. Take a look for yourselves:

The impromptu testimonials of this ergonomic aluminum rake suggest that the yard tool is easier to use and requires less bending than your typical rake – thus alleviating the lower back stress many homeowners with a lawn are all too familiar with come fall. And we’re all for alleviating any home or garden related stress here at HomeFixated.

Additional features of the Snake Rake include comfort grip handles, a pivot feature to adjust for left or right handed users, an adjustable neck to increase the rake’s height for taller or shorter landscapers, and the entire aluminum rake comes apart should you need to store it in a more compact manner. The compact storage might come in handy if you become inspired to drive around your own neighborhood extolling the virtues of the Snake Rake to your neighbors.

As you know, we’re big fans of small business owners who come up with clever but simple ways to do work around the home smarter – so this ergonomic rake definitely got our attention. The Snake Rake is available for about $40 online, plus shipping.

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1 thought on “The Snake Rake Has Got Your Back”

  1. One thing for sure, it takes a video, a short simple explanation and a 6′ 7″ tall “gaucho” to persuade someone to buy this funny looking rake. I’m sold, I guess I’ll try one this Fall.


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