Load Handler – Unload Your Payload Quick and Easy!

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For those of you, like me, that own a pick-up truck, the benefits are never ending. Even though I practically own a clown’s truck, I can haul just about anything I need for most projects I get involved with. There is no better way to haul lumber, drywall or mulch. However, there is a down side to these work vehicles: getting things out of the back of the bed. But that’s where the Load Handler comes into play.

Typically, when there’s stuff in the back of the bed you have to climb in, which requires either the running hop, roll in, or if you are so lucky, sissy step maneuver. Loose stuff like mulch, dirt, and sand are even worse. The load handler removes that step by turning your truck into a dump truck but without the expensive hydraulics and pistons. Instead of a hardcore re-engineering of your vehicle what you get is a sweet hand-cranked tarp. As you turn the handle the belt works all your dumpage from the back of the bed to the front. You can stop and remove your gear and materials at the end of the tailgate or keep cranking and let your goods fall out too. Think how easy it would be to spread topsoil or sand that way or even help your good-for-nothing sibling move!

The load handler follows my KISS method of life, Keep It Simple Stupid! It simply hooks to the top of your tailgate and is strapped into place. Here’s where the beauty of the load handler comes into play, when you’re ready to unload drop the tailgate, insert the crank, and then crank like you’re on an old episode of the Arsenio Hall Show (is that too old of a reference?). As you re-spool the cloth everything on the inside of the truck is now on the outside, much like the time I had bad seafood, only less messy.

The Load Handler making short work of heavy and unwieldy river rock

The load handler can handle up to 3000 lbs and can empty that weight in 30 seconds, which sounds pretty impressive to us. Especially considering it takes me nearly an hour to empty the back of my truck, excluding any snack breaks. There are three different sizes; LH2200, the LH2200M, and the LH3000. Conveniently, the names also describe the specifications. The LH2200 fits full size trucks and has a capacity of 2200 lbs. The LH2200M fits mid-size trucks, m for mid, and has a capacity of you guessed it 2200 lbs. Finally, the LH3000 fits full size trucks and… well you can probably figure it. The Load Handler is also reasonably priced at just over $100 via Amazon. Plus the load hauler will fit nearly any truck from my little Ranger to a big Ram or F-series pick-up.

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2 thoughts on “Load Handler – Unload Your Payload Quick and Easy!”

  1. Every 25 years or so, the good old ideas get re-introduced, and good for all of us. I remember the late-night commercials on the Load Handler from way back when. Thanks for the posting.

  2. I have one of these (the heavy duty one) and use it for black dirt, sand, and mulch. Works pretty much as advertised. Rock is a little testy and can’t be piled very high but the rest of the stuff I almost level off the box. It won’t drag out the material that is tucked in by the wheel wells but is a very small area in comparison. I love watching everyone’s looks when I pull into the compost site and dump all my leaves and brush in 20 seconds while they all are scooping and raking out their boxes and trailers.


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