News Nirvana – Makita Miter Saw, Rockler Tablet Mounts, DeWalt Drywall Cutter, Jet 3HP Bandsaw and Tons of Milwaukee Stuff!

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Happy Fourth of July from News Nirvana! It’s time to break out the fireworks, barbecue and power tools because summer is officially here! It might be hot outside, but we’ve got the coolest tools, right here. Milwaukee brings a big handful of new goodies in this News Nirvana. We’ve also got another new Makita Miter Saw, Rockler Tablet Mounts, a horsepower-laden JET Bandsaw and DeWalt’s Cordless Drywall cutter. So, get your lawn chair out, turn on the sprinkler for the kids, (or yourself), and get ready for the Independence Day edition of News Nirvana!

Makita 8-1/2 –inch Miter Saw

Easy-peasy to drag around from job to job
Easy-peasy to drag around from job to job

A miter saw is the workhorse of any good trim outfit, not to mention they’re pretty handy to have around the house. While big and bulky miter saws don’t have trouble cutting base, case and moldings, they’re a pain in the back to lug around from place to place. Makita knows that good things can come in small packages and proves it with their expanding line of best-in-class miter saws.

The latest addition in cutting tools is the LS0815F 8-1/2 –inch miter saw. Weighing just 31.1 pounds, you won’t have to worry about the “fireworks of pain” going off in your spine every time you hoist this saw around. With a linear ball bearing system for smooth cuts, plenty of positive stops at all the right angles and a see-through blade guard with a powerful LED, all help to make this saw not just great for toting around, but also great for what it was meant to do – cut stuff! Priced at around $350:

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JET 3HP Bandsaw

More horsies than before
More horsies than before

JET has rolled out a new 14” 3HP steel-frame Bandsaw in its growing lineup of impressive woodworking tools. This 230V saw is the bigger, beefier brother to the popular 1-3/4 HP bandsaw introduced in 2013 (and also mentioned in our JET Media Event coverage). It sports a generous 13½” of resaw height, fully adjustable fence, tool-less blade guide adjustment and heavy-duty blade
tensioning with quick release. At 360 pounds, this Bandsaw doesn’t quite qualify as portable. But, if you’re serious about bandsawing and like power to spare, check it out: The JET 14” 3 HP Steel Frame Bandsaw model #714550 retails for $1,799.99.

More Info - via Jet Tools

Milwaukee Goodies

Buff it to a shine without the air hose
Buff it to a shine without the air hose

Like the finale at a fireworks show, Milwaukee blows up this News Nirvana with a big handful of tools. First on their list of the latest and greatest is the new M12 Variable Speed Polisher/Sander. Whether you’re buffing out those bug guts from your hood or you’re a professional detailer, the M12 Polisher / Sander allows users to ditch the hose and compressor when detailing your whip. It’s coming soon to a Milwaukee retailer near you!

Tiny tester for big voltage
Tiny tester for big voltage

Milwaukee also thought wisely to expand their testing and measuring tool lineup with the new dual range voltage detector. Just stick this handy little gizmo next to any wire for an instant readout of voltage with big bright LED lights flashing and insane beeping noises – a fine warning system to let you know whether you’re in for a “shocking” discovery. According to big red:

Delivering professional accuracy and functionality, the new Dual Range Voltage Detector is the easiest to use in its class. Once turned on, the product can be positioned near any wire carrying a current, and the user will be notified automatically if it delivers 10-49? or 50-1000? by different colored LED’s and audible beeping.

“Other voltage testers that carry this sensitivity range require the user to adjust dials or switch modes to detect low or extra low voltages. Having a single mode of operation not only makes this product simpler to use, but ensures the user will not overlook potentially dangerous electricity,” Dickert says.

It’s priced at around a reasonable $25 and is available at any Milwaukee retailer this month.

High tech tools for shock-free fun
High tech tools for shock-free fun

But wait, there’s more! Milwaukee also kicked out more great testing and measuring tools for electricians – the Milwaukee Auto Voltage/Continuity Tester, both with and without resistance. By combing a conventional voltage tester with a more complex digital meter, Milwaukee allows users to safely troubleshoot electrical systems with ease, and prevent them from possibly becoming the Fourth of July barbecue themselves. With a price ranging from $30-$50, it’s a handy tool to have when you’re working around many electrical projects.

Chop and lop until your hearts content
Chop and lop until your hearts content

Last but not least, Milwaukee concludes its Independence Day tool party with – scissors? Don’t worry; these scissors aren’t going to be used for cutting paper dolls or scrapbooking. The iron carbide cutting blades, all-metal handles and patented bolt lock allow workers on the jobsite to cut thick electrical tape, butyl rubber and even metal banding with a simple chop of the scissors. With both straight and offset versions, these modestly priced ($20-$30) scissors are a great tool to keep around no matter what you do for a living.

DeWalt 20V MAX Lithium Ion Drywall cut-out Tool

Cut it out DeWalt
Cut it out DeWalt

With all this talk about cutting tools, DeWalt decided to join the tool party too. But unlike scissors, this mean machine is designed to quickly and accurately cut out holes in drywall, plywood and acoustic ceiling tiles like a hot knife through butter. 26,000 RPM’s delivered to a 1/8-inch or 1/4-inch collet help drywall installers, electricians and anybody else who wants to cut a quick hole through softer materials do it all without having to trip over an extension cord all day.

Other features such as the tool-free bit changing system, dust-sealed switch and a powerful LED light as bright as a midnight fireworks show make this lightweight cutting tool one of the best in its class. Get the bare-bones tool for just $129 or pick up the whole kit and caboodle with two 2.0 Ah XR lithium ion battery packs for just $199 at a DeWalt retailer in your area this July.

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Upper Desk Tablet Mounts from Rockler

Keep your high tech from becoming low tech with this mount from Rockler
Keep your high tech from becoming low tech with this mount carried by our sponsor Rockler

With so many great DIY tutorials now found online, more and more woodworkers are bringing their tablets into the shop. But leaving your high dollar electronic equipment lying around next to a pile of sawdust and power tools is about as good an idea as it is to look down the business end of a freshly lit Roman candle. That’s where the new Upper Desk Tablet Mounts come to the rescue. Designed to safely mount your tablet on your workbench away from your dangerous power tools, this nifty tablet mount is just under $60, doesn’t require any tools to use and fits smartphones, tablets and e-readers from 4-14 –inches. It works great for the kitchen too! Keep your tablet safe and sound from spills and debris.

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Have a safe, happy and FUN Fourth of July!

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