Keep The Bad Guys Away With Malibu Outdoor Lighting Pack

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malibu_outdoor_lighting_systemI can admit it, I sometimes allow myself to get a bit spooked by the dark. As a kid I used to flick off my light switch and then take a running leap into bed, afraid that witches underneath it were going to snap at my feet and ankles. What makes that memory so absurd is that growing up, I had a waterbed (it was the early 80s) and anyone who’s familiar with a waterbed knows that there is no “underneath” to them.

As an adult, things have improved, but I’m still a little jumpy at night. Friends of ours have a long dark, narrow path between their home and the neighbors’ that we have to walk through to get to their main door (the front entrance is a work in progress) – and visions of witches have been replaced with raccoons, skunks and the odd irrational fear of Heath Ledger’s Joker (yes, I’m weird).

I couldn’t have been more pleased when our friend decided to install outdoor lights along the path. The Malibu Outdoor Lighting Pack provides a string fourteen tier lights, six floodlights, a 100-foot cable and an 88-watt power pack with timer. This system is quite ideal for those who need lighting in areas where solar lighting systems would be ineffective and unable to charge up. The pieces are light, easy to install, hardy in all kinds of weather and will only use up 12 Volts of energy. All in all, a very practical landscape lighting package.

Amazon has the Intermatic LX19720T Malibu Outdoor Lighting Kit on for a steal of just $52. DKeeping me safe from Batman villains – priceless.

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