The Manly Art of Sewing – Chapter 1

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There is not a power tool that I am afraid to conquer!! Including… a sewing machine? Yes, it is true! Clothing construction is not that different from furniture construction, home construction, or any other type of construction. I am putting together something that everyone needs to use. I know how to measure, layout, cut and join materials. Sewing requires a great deal of technical proficiency and craftsmanship. The question is, why do so many men, even now, in the 21st century, still consider sewing “women’s work?”

I made this "Checkpoint Charlie" hat out of an old shirt. Looks good on me, AND on my creepy mannequin head "Hans."
I made this “Checkpoint Charlie” hat out of an old shirt. Looks good on me, AND on my creepy mannequin head “Hans.”

Of course, we have all know that a “tailor” is someone who makes or alters men’s clothing, and tailors are traditionally men. A woman who sews professionally is known by the somewhat old-fashioned term “seamstress.” Did you know, however, that a man or a woman who sews can also be known as a “seamster?” That sounds pretty cool, actually! All righty then… I’m going to join the International Brotherhood of SEAMSTERS!

Sewing Basics- Dickies shirttails are always too long. No problem!
Sewing Basics- Dickies shirttails are always too long. No problem!

I hadn’t done a whole lot of sewing in my life up until recently. I made a shop apron in home economics class in high school, and stitched some patches on my jacket, and that was about it. Last fall though, my wife (who makes amazing hand-made cat toys) was falling behind on her Christmas orders and couldn’t find a good helper. I decided to jump in and try giving her a hand. A sewing machine is just like a scroll-saw, right?

Measure twice, cut once! It works in sewing too!
Measure twice, cut once! It works in sewing too!

Well, sort of. Admittedly, I had to tear apart a few of my early attempts and try again, and my wife was pretty patient with my initial ham-handedness. I did eventually get the feel of it, and actually got pretty good! This sewing business turns out to be a lot of fun!

Quietest saw ever!
Quietest saw ever!

Since getting the sewing bug, I have tried a few of my own projects. I made some caps out of old sweatshirt material, let out a pair of my work pants (I hope to be learning how to take them back in soon), repaired some holes in my favorite jeans jacket and altered a Dickies work shirt (the tails are always way too long for my taste.)

Iron to give a crisp edge. It's like the joiner of sewing.
Iron to give a crisp edge. It’s like the joiner of sewing.
Nailing the new hem together.
Nailing the new hem together.

Since shop time on the wife’s high-tech Bernina sewing machine is at a premium, I bought myself a Singer “industrial” machine which is admittedly not on par with the high dollar Swiss machine, but it is okay for a beginner like myself. I also picked up a sweet antique machine at a swap meet for ten bucks that I think I can refurbish pretty easily.

I even put back the label. Stylin'!
I even put back the label. Stylin’!

I think I am finally ready to go for a REAL sewing project… that is, constructing a garment from scratch. My wife found a really nice old western-style shirt pattern for me. Somehow I don’t think I’ll look as “groovy” as the dudes on the McCalls pattern, but I’ll do my best! Stay tuned for future “Seamster” projects…


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4 thoughts on “The Manly Art of Sewing – Chapter 1”

  1. Really enjoyed the apt comparisons between sewing and building! Especially “the quietest saw ever”! Love your perspectives and good writing.

  2. I loved reading this article. My mom taught me to sew since I was 10 years old. There is a lot more to making a garment than you might think – true tailoring is an art but anyone can learn. I think it’s great that more men are taking an interest. It’s a very practical hobby that also allows for a lot of creativity.

    • Thanks Molly! I’m really glad you enjoyed it. I think for most DIYers, it’s a good skill to have even if you only learn to repair your own stuff and never make a garment.
      I remember what my first cabinet project looked like, 30-some years ago… I hope my first shirt comes out better than that!! Stay tuned…


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