DeWalt USA Factory Visit – Charlotte NC

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Contrary to popular belief, not everything we buy is made and/or assembled in China. Just almost everything. Then again, it used to be a lot simpler to define where something was made. Back in the day, it was either made here or made somewhere else. Today, that equation is a lot more complicated. Where raw materials are sourced, where parts are created, and ultimately where various parts are actually put together all define the heritage of a product. We talked about this in more detail when DeWalt announced their Built in the USA program last year. This year, we’re getting to report on some of that DeWalt USA action firsthand, with a visit to DeWalt’s facility in North Carolina.

In typical Home Fixated style, we provided live coverage of this DeWalt media visit via Twitter. Naturally, being the huge Home Fixated fan you are, you already spend most waking minutes glued to our social media feeds. Just in case you’re new, be sure to follow HomeFixated on Twitter, where you’ll be sure to find scintillating, pithy commentary mixed with photos and video of all the toolicious action! By following us on Twitter, you’ll also become an industry insider with access to tweets about the latest tools, news, deals, and tool/construction info. Lastly, if the mere mention of Twitter makes you break out in a cold sweat or scratch your head in complete bewilderment, fear not! You’ll find our DeWalt coverage detailed below, no specialty social media chops needed.

DeWalt Charlotte North Carolina Facility Visit

Title Photo coutesy of DeWalt

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10 thoughts on “DeWalt USA Factory Visit – Charlotte NC”

  1. Dewalt has been one of the best tools I ever owned. I would love to visit a warehouse. To see how they make them. Keep making great tools.

    Thank you
    Rudy ortega

    • im looking for the made in the usa video that was made a few months ago…..they visited the Hampstead plant, along with charlotte and other plants….the people who were involved in the taping are asking where to find the video. any help would be appreciated.

  2. Dewalt 7 days a week for me, from lighting, drilling, cutting, and fastening everything on all my jobs…..simply the best!

  3. This is nothing more than Tool Porn, you should be ashamed of yourselves getting a guy like me all worked up over these pictures.

    Tool envy Sucks!

    Brad McFarland


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