THE Name, Epic Product: The Milkwaukee 10-Amp Sawzall

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milwaukee_sawzallEven though we have a sawzall that we like quite a bit, (the Porter Cable Tiger Saw), it seemed it was time to pay tribute to the Milwaukee 10-Amp Sawzall Reciprocating Saw (the 6509-22). You see, people LOVE that thing. It’s a sparkly champion in the world of home improvement, renovations and all-around demolition. In other words, it’s a Garage God.

Here’s why:

  • • Milwaukee is one of those brands that some people trust and love more than their spouses. Some people have even built an altar to it.
  • • At just seven pounds, this sawzall has the best power-to-weight ratio in its class.
  • • It’s a very smooth ride. The double bearing wobble plate reduces vibrations – and that grip! We love! The handle and rubber boot let you safely and comfortably hold this tool to ensure your work is steady and controlled (unless, of course, you’re operating on three espressos. If so, cut back, dude.).
  • • Interchangeable blades (not included but are available for purchase separately on let your transform this tool into a cutting machine that shouldn’t be crossed. Metal, wood, plastic, ceramic, fibreglass … we fart it their general directions (and then slice them to bits!).
  • • The right blade, variable speed, adjustable pivot shoe and the easy manoeuvrability allow you to plunge, edge and scroll cut, making nearly any project doable.
  • If pipe, beam, floorboard, drywall or random wood-riddled-with-nails cutting is in your future, the Milwaukee 6509-22 10-Amp Sawzall Reciprocating Saw with Case is worth looking into. ToolKing has it on for $119 – but if you find it cheaper online elsewhere, they WILL beat that price. We’ve experienced ToolKing’s customer service first-hand in this regard and it is really is on the up and up.

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    1 thought on “THE Name, Epic Product: The Milkwaukee 10-Amp Sawzall”

    1. Milwaukee’s corded sawzall is nearly indestructible as well– my neighbor left is out through 3 months of rain storms (by accident). We both stood back when we finally plugged it in— once the mud stopped falling out, it runs just fine.



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