Milwaukee Announces the Next Generation of Lithium – RedLithium

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Back in July, we had the pleasure of attending the Milwaukee Tool New Products Symposium, held in Milwaukee of all places. At the time we were sworn to secrecy on several vital things like top-secret tool developments powered by alien technology, what kind of glassware Milwaukee Tool signature cocktails come in, and the next generation in Lithium battery technology. What?! You already love lithium batteries and are wondering how they could possibly get better? It’s true, and they’re getting better in a big way. We’re looking forward to checking out the new tech soon (and when we do, you’ll hear about it here at In the meantime, here are all the juicy details straight from Milwaukee’s press release:

“MILWAUKEE, WI – Milwaukee Electric Tool revolutionized cordless power tools by introducing the world’s first Lithium system, and began the industry-wide transition from NiCad to Lithium. As the clear leader in cordless battery development, Milwaukee continues to demonstrate unrelenting commitment to innovation as they introduce the next generation of Lithium technology. REDLITHIUM™ batteries will provide unmatched run-time, performance and durability for the professional tradesman.

Fully compatible with all M12™ and M18™ cordless products currently available, the new REDLITHIUM™ batteries will provide up to 40% more run-time, 20% more power and 50% more recharges than other Lithium products. The new technology will also operate in extreme temperatures as low as 0°F/-18°C and will run 20% cooler with fade free power and no memory effect. In short, users are able to instantly upgrade the performance, run-time and durability of the M12™ and M18™ tools they already own, simply by switching to the REDLITHIUM™ battery packs.

“We are dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that re-define end-user productivity, and will continue to raise industry standards for cordless performance and reliability,” says Steven Richman, president of Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation. “Milwaukee REDLITHIUM™ batteries provide an exclusive integration of chemistry, cell design, construction and electronics to optimize the user’s experience and ultimately make users more productive on the jobsite.”

In the Fall of 2010, Milwaukee will introduce eight new cordless products* powered by REDLITHIUM™. Users will then see a full transition to REDLITHIUM™ batteries throughout all Milwaukee cordless products; including 30 unique products and 68 total offerings on the M12™ system, 25 unique products and 60 total offerings on the M18™ system and 15 unique products and 26 total offerings on the M28™ system.

REDLITHIUM™ Advantage:
Up to
• 40% More Run-Time
• 20% More Speed
• 20% More Torque
• Fade Free Power

• Operates Down to 0°F/-18°C
• Runs 20% Cooler
• Up to 50% More Recharges
• No Memory Effect

*New Cordless Products Launching in 2010 with REDLITHIUM™ Battery Technology:
2432-20 M12™ ProPEX Expander
2330 M12™ Heated Jacket
2411-20 M12™ Hammer Drill Driver
2458-20 M12™ Palm Nailer
2426-20 M12™ Multi-Tool
2632-20 M18™ ProPEX Expander
2682-20 M18™ 5-3/8” Metal Saw
2615-20 M18™ Right Angle Drill”

Our thanks to Jay of Ohio Power Tool (left) and Doug of ToolSnob (right) fame for posing down in the RedLithium M12 heated jackets in the photo above!

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2 thoughts on “Milwaukee Announces the Next Generation of Lithium – RedLithium”

  1. This Red Lithium stuff still leaves me with lots of questions, Marc. I just hope they are planning to set aside some time for me to dig in deep with the guys who know the ins and outs of these batteries, because the press release is claiming some really impressive performance…I hope they are willing to share the details of how they arrived at these numbers.

    • Agreed Justin. . . the numbers are a big leap from prior versions and tech. I’ll try to lean over your shoulder/eavesdrop while you grill the battery engineers!


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