Battle Charger Clutter with the New Milwaukee Combo 12v and 18v Charger

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milwaukee-dual-18v-12v-chargerEven if you’re relatively brand-loyal, it doesn’t take long for your shop or truck to get overrun by battery chargers. And, if you’re not brand-loyal, you could very quickly require a new workbench just to store all the chargers. Even within a single brand you can accumulate multiple chargers for the different voltages, both legacy and recent releases. Don’t worry, Milwaukee feels your pain and recently released the 48-59-1812 M18 and M12 Multi-Voltage Combo Charger. While it’s still not the Holy Grail of a universal charger that handles charging any cordless tool battery (are any manufacturers listening?), it does take what used to be two separate chargers and put them into one more compact unit.

Separate M18 and M12 chargers seen hogging valuable shop real estate

A couple things to note about the charger, which Milwaukee sent our way to review. It charges sequentially, in the order you insert the batteries. This means if you’ve managed to deplete all your 12v and 18v Milwaukee M batteries and are dead-set on double-fisting both an M12 and M18 tool at the same time, you might be a little disappointed. For the rest of us, the sequential charging is likely only a minor, if any, inconvenience. If you’re in a hurry for either the 12v or 18v, just make sure you insert the one you need most into the charger first.

Harmony restored with a single charger to handle both M12 and M18

Holiday decoration via Milwaukee
A HomeFixated, we love tools, but aren’t as fond of the necessary, but space-hogging chargers. Normally, we like to go pretty in-depth with our hands-on reviews here at HomeFixated, but that’s tricky with something as simple as a charger. Sure, we could tell you how you can improvise this charger as a temporary Christmas decoration by inserting one charged and one depleted battery, resulting in one red indicator light (which means charging), and one green light (which means good to go). We might also wow you with amazing product spec’s, like this product weighing in at 1.9285923499523542257 pounds! Or, we could even tell you the charger communicates with each battery pack to manage individual cell voltage, temperature, and charge status, all to make for the most fulfilling, efficient, and life-changing battery charging experience you’ve ever dreamed of. Ultimately though, the Milwaukee Combo charger is a battery charger that charges M12 and M18 batteries, in one convenient unit.

If you’re tired of battery chargers taking over your life, you can find the Milwaukee 48-59-1812 M18 and M12 Multi-Voltage Combo Charger for around $60 on Amazon.

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1 thought on “Battle Charger Clutter with the New Milwaukee Combo 12v and 18v Charger”

  1. I bought the FUEL 1/2″ drill and the compact 1/4″ hex impact driver and got 2 chargers and 2 bonus batteries in the deal. One hangs on the wall in the shop and the other travels with me if I am working away. I can charge my M12 drill driver batteries and my M18 batteries so I take just one charger on the road.


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